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OYO Boosts Push Notification Delivery by 44% Using MoEngage

Discover how OYO Rooms tackled low delivery rates with MoEngage’s Dynamic Product Messaging, Advanced Analytics, and Push Amplification™ to achieve a 44% boost in push notification delivery rates.

About OYO

OYO Rooms is a hospitality unicorn valued at over $1 billion. Known for its technology-driven processes and heavy emphasis on customer experience, it currently operates in over 800 cities in 80 countries across the world.

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MoEngage stitches together all channels seamlessly and complements them with features like Dynamic Product Messaging, Advanced Analytics, Intelligent Delay Optimization, and Push Amplification™.

Arjya Nathvani
Increase in delivery
rates for Xiaomi Devices
Uplift in overall push
notification campaign delivery rates
The Problem

The delivery rate of Chinese OEMs such as MI devices was abysmally low. As the overall adoption of Xiaomi devices grew, OYO had to find ways to increase the delivery rate for Xiaomi devices.

MoEngage Solution

OYO employed MoEngage's Push Amplification™ Plus to improve its push delivery rate while personalizing messaging to send offers and discounts to users based on their app usage.

How OYO Optimized Customer Journeys and Launched Industry-First Initiatives with MoEngage

The Result

To make customer engagement more dynamic, the OYO Rooms team utilized MoEngage’s dynamic messaging feature that customized communication based on customer actions and behavior. They employed smart triggered push notifications to send offers and discounts to customers based on their usage of the app.

• 44% improvement in delivery rates for Xiaomi devices
• 15% boost contributed via Push Amplification™ Plus
• 2x higher CTRs using personalized notifications
• 25% improvement in overall push notifications campaign

OYO was facing low delivery rates on Chinese OEMs such as MI devices. With increasing adoption of Xiaomi devices, the team was keen to increase the delivery rates for them. With MoEngage’s Push Amplification™ a fallback mechanism was set up to deliver notifications at a later time if the FCM fails.

Once the push notifications were getting delivered, the team decided to employ personalization. Using MoEngage’s Dynamic Product Messaging, they were able to engage active as well as dormant customers by offering them the right message at the right time, using their search and booking history.

Learn How OYO Rooms Boosted Push Notification Delivery Using MoEngage

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