[Case Study] DPM by MoEngage Helps Sivvi Increase Sales by 16% From Smart Trigger Campaigns

  • UPDATED: 25 July 2023
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If you are a business where your website is a primary source for sales, then, every visitor on your site is a customer. But the reality is not so promising; 69% of all e-commerce visitors abandon their shopping cart. Travel and Hotel websites too face a similar predicament.
What every business wants to do is get those customers back on the website to complete their abandoned transaction. This is easier said than done – it is a task in itself to get a website visitor for the first time. To get a visitor to come back to your website requires a strong incentive.

An Incentive to Return

Customers may abandon their shopping carts for many reasons, but a gentle nudge with the right content at the right time can bring them back to complete their purchases. In the case of e-commerce company Sivvi, the incentive for the customer to return was provided in the form of personalized product recommendations.

69% of all e-commerce visitors abandon their shopping cart.

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Smart Trigger Push Notification

Based on the online customer behavior and monitoring product categories that the customer has browsed/ searched for, Sivvi was able to send them personalized product recommendations.
These recommendations were sent to app push notifications and web push notifications. Customers who received personalized notifications at the right time are more likely to revisit the website or make a purchase.
DPM  allowed Sivvi to send app users the most relevant notifications about product recommendations and product reminders based on their user profile and browsing history. This level of detail was crucial in winning back customers.

These smart-trigger push notifications powered by MoEngage’s DPM (Dynamic Product Messaging) were elemental in bringing customers back to complete their purchases Sivvi witnessed a recovery of 16% of their targeted users.


MoEngage Smart Triggers helped us deliver app and web-based push notifications for cart and browse abandonment. These notifications typically help us recover up to 16% of abandoning users.
— Radhika Singh, Retention marketing, SIVVI.COM

Email Retargeting

The scope of DPM is not limited to mobile push notifications alone. Sivvi used the ‘Sherpa Interaction Graph’ which powers DPM to send personalized emails to users and remind them of products they had browsed or lain in their cart.

Sivvi was able to increase their sales from abandoned users by 10% Personalized emails created through DPM are more effective because

  • They offer personalized content based on products browsed.
  • They contain action buttons that link directly to the product/ checkout page.
  • They are real-time recommendations based on user activity on the website.

Use Case for DPM

Dynamic Product Recommendations can be used by business for many use-case scenarios and is not limited to cart abandonment or retargeting emails alone. The highlight of the ‘Sherpa Interaction Graph’ (DPM) is in being able to identify individual user preference, browsing patterns and recently browsed items/ categories. The Sherpa Interaction Graph then creates a parallel recommendation profile that is highly bespoke.

A few use case scenarios where this is helpful are detailed below.

Content Suggestions

For brands that provide content as a business offering, using DPM to send personalized messages can ensure maximum user interaction. A music app that sends personalized song recommendations to the app user can provide higher interactions and elevate the user experience with content custom-tailored for each user’s preferences.

News Alerts

By providing news alerts and relevant content recommendations, brands can increase website traffic and engagement. Online publications, content providers, and news website can make use of this feature to bring back users to the site by providing them with relevant recommendations, bespoke to individual browsing/ reading preferences. Driving traffic has never been easier.

Transaction Reminders

Similar to cart-abandonment, DPM can help you reach out to users who have not completed their transactions or remind them about upcoming payments/ bills, etc. This can be very effective as sending personalized payment reminders to users can help increase your brand value among them and help you gain more users.

Price Alerts

Another crucial area where DPM can be a saving grace is with price change alerts. If you want to notify your users about a drop in flight/ hotel rates and prompt them to complete the transaction ASAP – use DPM to inform your users about the same.

Dynamic Product Messaging is however not limited to these. Any situation where you have a product/ offering catalog and want to send users personalized recommendations, or alerts based on this – DPM is your ideal candidate.

What is the Sherpa Interaction Graph?

The Sherpa Interaction Graph is our technology that maps each user’s behavior/ profile with relevant products/ content from the catalog and reaches out to them in real-time. This ability to link a user to a specific product is what enabled DPM to achieve an unsurpassed level of personalization.

Through an effective combination of Push Notifications and Emails, the Sherpa Interaction Graph reaches out the individual users with the right recommendations and at the right time. Timing is crucial in the case of price alerts and transaction reminders.

It is interesting to note that a majority of the businesses today, engage with users across mobile and web. DPM, therefore, is an ideal tool as it incorporates engagement on both platforms; combined with the AI-backed interaction graph, sending the notification is a piece of cake.

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