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Real-Time Engagement Works – Here’s The Proof!

  • Published: 22 August 2018
  • 3 min read

‘Real-time engagement’ today is the marketers’ war cry, and we see several brands increasingly investing in initiatives that deliver real-time engagement to their users. Brands are adjusting communications ranging from a few days to a few hours, in real time to develop a more personal approach to reach and engage their audience. 27% of the marketers surveyed have made real-time engagement a top priority while an additional 44% are set to join the fray in the coming months.

Real-time Engagement: How MoEngage can help

In our quest to help marketers cash-in on the benefits of delivering real-time engagement, we created and launched Real-time Device Triggers. Leveraging the power of the MoEngage SDK and app’s native capabilities, Real-time Triggers allow consumer brands to deliver Instant push messages to the users, at the right mobile moment (pre-configured behavioral event), even when the consumer is not connected to the internet (offline).

Let us take a look at a few examples of how MoEngage is helping apps from leading brands win with real-time engagement.

Exit Intent Notifications for Travel apps

A key challenge for travel apps is tackling the browse, and booking abandonment. One of our clients - South Asia’s largest hotel chain used Real-Time triggers (exit-intent notifications) to target users who exit the app after browsing without completing a booking. After setting up notifications which trigger upon exit, they observed a whopping >10% CTR (the industry’s average CTR ranges between 3% and 5%). Better yet, these campaigns had close to 4% conversions too. Now, aren’t these numbers what every business wants?

Sample Notification Preview:

Key stats: ~ 10% CTR | 3% Conversions

Offline Notifications for Utility apps

Similarly, one of the world's leading network security companies has been experiencing similar results too, albeit, with real-time offline notifications. A push notification is triggered when the app detects that the user is connected to an unsafe network. A close to 20% open rate has been observed for these notifications that prevent users from joining unsecured networks risking their personal and financial data.

Sample Notification Preview:

Key stats:  ~20% CTR | 10% conversions


Since the use-cases for a compelling feature as Real-time Trigger are plenty, and the results from these campaigns are worth talking about, in no time Real-time triggers turned out to be a favorite for many of our clients.

Feel like giving Real-time Triggers a go? Request a demo today!


If you are an existing customer of MoEngage and wish to check out Real-time Triggers, write to us on

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