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MoEngage Marketing Roundup: September 2018

  • Updated: 30 December 2020
  • 2 min read

Whether you were busy planning your holiday campaigns or are looking for a recap of everything that stirred the MoEngage blog, we've got you covered.  Here are the latest greatest mobile marketing stories, updates, and recommendations from MoEngage Journal.

Real-time Engagement Works - Here’s Proof

27% of marketers have made real-time engagement a top priority while an additional 44% are set to join the fray in the coming months. Here are some examples of real-time user engagement for leading brands.


On-demand Webinar: Amplify Push Notification Delivery

Push notification delivery has been a recurring challenge that leaves many marketers wondering why users don’t always receive the notifications that are sent to them. Watch this on-demand webinar to understand the push delivery funnel, the discrepancies in the push delivery rate, and tried and working advice to reach, engage and convert users using push notifications.


Apple iPhone Launch 2018 and What This Means to Marketers

Earlier this month, we witnessed the “Super Bowl” moment of the mobile world as Apple made its BIG launches. We’re in the second decade of iPhones, and a lot has changed right from the OS powering these devices, hardware, naming convention, screen sizes, dual-sim compatibility, and more. What is the impact of Apple’s new launch on mobile marketing?


Success Story: SIVVI.COM Increased Sales With Dynamic Emails and Push Notifications

SIVVI.COM is a leading online retailer selling on-trend clothing, footwear, and accessories for both men and women based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Using MoEngage Dynamic Email Re-targeting and MoEngage Smart Triggers, SIVVI.COM lowered cart abandonment and drove users back to the website, converting them into customers.


How Can You Make Event-based Targeting Smarter? Hint: Segmentation

Getting users interested and engaged on your app or website is not enough anymore. You need to move them till the very end of purchase funnel to drive conversions and eventually ROI for your marketing efforts. These 3 crucial elements which ensure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and drive greater marketing ROI.


About The Author
Akshatha Kamath leads content marketing at MoEngage. She's one of "LinkedIn Content 50", has been recently featured on the list of "The Most Influential Content Marketing Professional" by World Marketing Congress and is among the “100 Fastest Growing Marketers” identified by Adobe. She is a content marketing specialist with close to 12 years of experience in writing, strategizing, and managing content for various organizations. Before MoEngage, she’s steered content marketing teams for companies like Simplilearn, Vizury, and Conzerv helping them with content, brand, and communication strategies that are aligned with their business goals. Akshatha volunteers with AMA SF as a writer. She is also a published author with publications such as Clickz, Digital Market Asia, Get Elastic, and e27. She is an avid reader and a traveler who enjoys experiencing the flavors of life in different places.
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