Measure and Run Effective Marketing Campaigns Using AppsFlyer and MoEngage

  • UPDATED: 26 July 2023
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A customer acquisition strategy is a sum of several moving parts. It includes paid marketing, re-targeting, app store optimization, referrals, email marketing, and more. These come together to influence consumers to tap that download button. It’s a complex funnel, and when you, as a marketer, analyze where your installs came from and what got them there, the data can be overwhelming.

But unraveling this data isn’t just an option – it’s a non-negotiable. Targeted, cross-channel insights are key to understanding what went right and what didn’t, so your next campaign’s ROI can be bigger and better.

And that’s where our two-way integration with AppsFlyer comes in. The mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform helps you analyze and optimize your apps through marketing analytics, mobile attribution, and deep linking.

Alongside MoEngage’s customer engagement data, marketers can leverage AppsFlyer’s install attribution data and audience segmentation capabilities to facilitate increasingly personalized and meaningful engagement brands and their reach/engage audiences.

Here’s How You Can Leverage MoEngage and AppsFlyer to Your Benefit

AppsFlyer MoEngage joint value proposition

1. Identify channels that bring the highest ROI

AppsFlyer determines the media source that led the customer to install or re-engage with an app and attributes the customer action to that source using the AppsFlyer attribution model. The install attribution result is either:

  • A non-organic or paid media source: The customer interacted (usually by impression or click) with a media source.
  • Organic: The customer did not interact with a paid media source.

When combined with MoEngage’s segmentation capabilities, you can then analyze which channel brings in customers with the highest engagement with the app.

This data benefits brands that spend a lot on paid marketing for customer acquisition and invest in different channels. Take a newly launched D2C beauty brand app, for example – with no physical stores, it invests heavily across digital channels, and its strategy could include (to name a few):

  • Influencer marketing on Instagram
  • Advertisement campaigns across social media
  • Sponsorships

AppsFlyer and MoEngage can help the brand understand how many customers are coming from which channel and the metrics associated with each channel. Say, do customers from a Facebook ad campaign have a higher customer lifetime value (CLTV) than those from emails and so on.

When you clearly see the ROI associated with different channels, you can adjust marketing budgets and scale the successful campaigns accordingly.

2. Increase LTV and retention by personalizing customer onboarding

Install attribution data allows you to segment customers based on specific filters, using AppsFlyer’s audience segmentation capabilities. Combine this with MoEngage’s intelligent engagement suite, and you can create an onboarding journey that will delight your customers.

Let’s take an OTT platform, for example. You could have a customer who converted after clicking on an advertisement about the latest horror movie. Now, you know this individual is interested in the horror genre –  so post-sign-up, the app could show them an auto-play video trailer of a show/movie in the same genre.

Additionally, you can use the customer’s installation/acquisition data to construct a long-term, informed engagement journey for the said customer or customer segment. For instance, to keep the same customer hooked on the site, the app home screen could display a selection of horror movies – maybe even subdivided by genre (e.g., supernatural, psychological, etc.). 

Creating a customer journey using Appsflyer and MoEngage

Small touches like these are made possible when you know what made a customer install your app in the first place – and these will go a long way in ensuring the customer doesn’t drop off and keeps coming back to your app.


It’s simple math – it costs more to get a new customer than to retain an existing one. And with acquisition costs rising across industries, businesses should be doubling down on how to reduce acquisition costs and limit drop-offs.

Easier said than done, we know – but that’s why the AppsFlyer and MoEngage integration does the grunt work for you. Don’t leave anything to chance – deep dive into the nitty-gritty of your marketing efforts and optimize every campaign after that.

To learn more about AppsFlyer, click here.

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