MoEngage NEXT April 2024 Recap: Activate Data and Deliver Memorable Experiences at Scale With AI

MoEngage launches new capabilities that helps brands activate data to make informed decisions and deliver memorable experiences with AI. Learn more!

  • UPDATED: 30 April 2024
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It is the month of April.

As the Northern Hemisphere ushers in Spring as nature awakes to new life 🌸, the Southern Hemisphere is bathed in the vibrant colors of Autumn 🍂.

However, this year, the two different hemispheres of the globe were united by one similarity—hundreds of Marketers and Product Managers eagerly tapping their fingers in excitement with a broad grin.

‘Tis the season of MoEngage NEXT, after all!

In the H1 edition of MoEngage NEXT 2024, MoEngage’s CEO, Raviteja Dodda, and CPO, Nalin Goel, unveiled new and powerful capabilities of MoEngage.

Capabilities that help Marketers and Product Managers activate their customer data to make informed decisions.

Capabilities that help brands build delightful memories for their customers at scale.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s new at MoEngage:

1. Supercharge content creation and make your campaigns more impactful with Generative AI!

MoEngage’s Generative AI engine, Merlin AI, just got an upgrade!

Merlin AI can now generate impactful written content for your Push, Email, In-App and On-site Messaging campaigns. This upgrade reduces the time and effort you put in to find the right tone and keywords for your campaigns.

Thanks to Merlin AI, you can now witness higher Click-through Rates and Conversion Rates from your Customer Engagement campaigns!

👉 Read about the new additions to Merlin AI here!

2. Level up your recommendations with the same personalization engine that powers Amazon!

With MoEngage, you can now tap into the world’s most powerful recommendation engine to personalize your website!

We’ve merged our existing Smart Recommendation capabilities with our Website Personalization suite, with the aim of simplifying product discovery for your customers on your website.

You can use MoEngage to deliver tailored product or content recommendations to your website visitors based on their preferences, interactions, occasions, and buying patterns.

👉 Read more about MoEngage’s Website Personalization capabilities here!

3. Run complex experiments and personalization campaigns without breaking customer experience!

The flexibility to experiment, learn, and optimize quickly is a key capability that every marketer wants in their Customer Engagement platform.

Thanks to the latest addition to MoEngage’s Website Personalization suite, this wish has come true!

MoEngage’s Server-side Website Personalization feature allows brands to:

  • Test different recommendation models,
  • Optimize on-site search algorithms,
  • Experiment with dynamic pricing and discounts,
  • Launch different types of lead capture forms for maximum conversions,
  • Test multiple subscription flows, and
  • Personalize in-store digital kiosks

👉 Learn more about MoEngage’s unique Server-side Website Personalization prowess!

4. Activate warehouse data natively without any data syncing hassles!

MoEngage is now a Warehouse-native Customer Engagement platform!

This means that you can directly access and activate the data you have stored in your current data warehouse or cloud storage.

With MoEngage’s Warehouse Audiences, you can query your warehouse data directly, enabling you to create customer segments on the fly without moving or syncing any data.

Thanks to MoEngage, you will now save extensive costs by eliminating the need for reverse ETL tools, reduce engineering dependencies, while improving security and compliance.

👉 Read all about MoEngage’s Warehouse Audiences here!

PS – With the release of MoEngage’s Warehouse Data Analytics in the near future, you will also be able to analyze data and generate actionable insights directly from your warehouse.

5. Unlock deeper customer insights based on characteristics and instantly act on them!

MoEngage’s new launch, User Analysis, enables you to deeply understand your customers based on their characteristics.

By examining preferences, demographics, and other attributes of your customers, you can gather invaluable audience insights and drive data-driven engagement.

With a user-friendly interface, you can use MoEngage’s User Analysis to effortlessly select customer attributes, filter them based on other attributes, and visualize trends for deeper understanding.


👉 Read how MoEngage User Analysis can help you gather deeper insights here!

6. Create In-App Messaging campaigns without dev or design dependencies!

We’re excited to announce a new drag-and-drop In-App Message builder to help you create and edit custom HTML templates without design/development resources!

👉 Read more about MoEngage’s In-App Messaging capabilities here!

7. Verify email domain reputation before sending email campaigns for maximum deliverability!

On the MoEngage dashboard, you can now view the reputations of your email domains while configuring your email campaigns!

This update will help you boost email deliverability rates by letting you pick the domain with the best reputation.

You can also continually access the reputation trends for your domains and implement different strategies to keep improving them.

👉 Read more about this update here!

8. Set channel priorities for transactional messages and save costs!

MoEngage Inform has a new update, Smart Send!

Now prevent delivery failures of transactional messaging and ensure regulatory compliance by setting channel priority based on either the cost of the channel or audience preferences.

With Smart Send, you can create a fallback mechanism by ordering your channels in order of priority. This way, if your service alert or critical alert ever faces a failure, a backup message is sent via the next priority channel.

👉 Read about Smart Send here.

Conclusion and next steps

If you’re an existing MoEngage customer, contact your favorite account manager to get started with these new capabilities. Schedule a demo here if you’re new to MoEngage!