Product Announcement: Convert Website Visitors Into Buyers With On-site Messaging

  • UPDATED: 30 August 2022
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On-site messages are becoming an integral part of any user’s online shopping experience. Once a user lands on a website, marketers try to engage and retain these users. The focus is on converting website visitors to paying customers – personalized on-site messages help them achieve this.  Today more and more marketers use on-site messaging to announce new products, promote tailored offers, collect email addresses, and many more use cases that aim to enhance the customer experience within the brand’s website.

MoEngage’s All-New Product: On-site Messaging

MoEngage’s on-site messaging gives you the ability to engage directly with your website visitors and provide information that is relevant to each visitor. While your website does a great job explaining your products and services, on-site messages can present your visitors with a compelling CTA. With MoEngage, you can personalize product recommendations, offers, and discount codes to your website visitors via pop-ups and banners and convert them into paying customers.

Activating On-site Messaging for Your Website is Easy with MoEngage

To create impactful on-site messages, begin with identifying your audience. You could choose to automate your on-site messages based on the landing page, pages visited, emails viewed, last-bought products/services, purchase intent, and many more parameters. On-site messages can be used to automate user engagement at multiple interactions in the user’s purchase journey through predefined workflows

Include a short message preview, images, emojis etc. to draw user attention. For existing users, including their first name makes the message more personal. Since on-site messages can pop-up on your website, be sure to craft meaningful messages that prompt users to click. Messages that are generic or interfere with the user’s actions on your website might cause people to drop-off your website.

Explore on-site messaging with MoEngage, request a demo now.

How Can On-site Messages Help Your Brand: Use Cases to Try

On-site messaging is a great way to draw attention to a particular piece of information that you’d like to share with your users and drive traffic to specific pages within your website. Here are some use cases to try on your website:

  1. Announcements: Broadcast important information to all your website users or to a specific segment while they are accessing your website. Some examples include flash sale announcement, new product notification, wishlisted product in-stock update, and more.
  2. Promotions: Share 1:1 custom promo codes with users and drive them to purchase via your website. You can leverage a combination of user behavior attributes, and your business preferences to show relevant codes for each user.
  3. Exit Intent Pop-ups: Retain and re-engage users who are about to drop-off your website with exit-intent popups. Some of our Beta customers have been able to re-engage 30-40% of users exiting their websites with personalized exit-intent pop-ups.
  4. Cross-sell or Upsell: Leverage past browsing history on your website and in-app to cross-sell or upsell relevant products or services on your website via contextual messages.
  5. Capture Leads (Coming Soon): New user on your website? Capture their email, mobile number and other contact information to retarget them via emails or SMS.
  6. Net Promoter Score (Coming Soon): Find out how many of your customers are willing to recommend your product or service to others. Leverage on-site pop-ups to run NPS surveys on your website and gather customer satisfaction insights.

Each user engages with your brand in their own unique way. Also, the user might connect with your brand using multiple touch-points before they make a purchase decision. On-site messages help you personalize conversations for users who are more likely to engage with you via your website. On-site messaging by MoEngage work in-sync with your other marketing efforts to ensure a seamless brand experience for your cross-channel users. 

Real-time Website Personalization Using MoEngage

Personalize the experience for each website visitor with our website personalization suite. With MoEngage, you can customize website content for each user with the click of a few buttons, you won’t need to rely on developer support anymore. 

  1. Personalize website content in real-time to show the most relevant products and offers to each user.
  2. Leverage user behavior attributes demographic data and other location-based information to display the most relevant information to all your users in real-time.
  3.  Include a cart widget on your homepage to showcase all carted products for faster checkout.
  4. Experiment with new website layouts and optimize for the best on-site experience for users.

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