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Choosing the Right Mobile Engagement Automation Solution for Your Brand


The mobile phone user base is estimated to touch 4.3 billion users by 2023. This number has been quite a significant increase from the 2.5 billion of 2016. Clearly, mobile marketing promises potential.


Daily Hours Spent with Digital Media per Adult User


However, mobile engagement is no longer restricted to building native apps or creating mobile-friendly websites. You are now fighting for attention. And as companies embrace a mobile-first strategy, a simplistic one-to-many customer engagement approach could just oust you out of this gruelling competition.

Now is the time to leverage mobile engagement automation solutions.

Why is Mobile Engagement Automation Important?

Mobile engagement automation platforms are essentially mobile-centric customer engagement solutions. These automate recurring and repetitive tasks by blending together the various mobile marketing channels.

It enhances customer experiences and calibrates the customer journey in the following ways:

  • Greater Revenue: Mobile-focused targeting and streamlining of the mobile marketing strategies, especially in real-time, can boost your bottom line in more ways than one.
  • Improved Customer Retention: It is an established fact that retaining a customer is 5x more profitable than acquiring a new one. Mobile engagement automation platforms come with features like A/B testing, feedback collection, etc., which will allow you to conduct real-time tests on customer responses, address customer pain points, or cater to their specific requirements.
  • Customer Segmentation: Mobile engagement automation platforms come equipped with tools that capture vital customer data like their location, preferences, browsing history, purchase patterns, and a lot more. Based on these inputs, segmenting customers can be easier and more effective.
  • Personalization: Streamlined customer segmentation lays the foundation for improved personalization. According to studies, targeted push notifications can improve response rates by four to seven times! Personalization is the future, and mobile engagement automation makes it happen without any manual intervention.


  • Re-engage Inactive Customers: For the leads and customers who have gone cold (or died), mobile engagement automation can revitalize the customer journey by understanding its reason and running customer re-engagement campaigns through mobile messaging or push notifications.

Choosing the Right Mobile Engagement Automation Platform

Now that you have an in-depth understanding of how mobile engagement automation platforms add value to your brand, here is a guide to choosing one. Following are some must-have features against your mobile engagement automation solution or provider:

1. Industry Expertise

Every industry has its fair share of challenges and opportunities. You would need a mobile engagement automation vendor who possesses an innate understanding of your market, its corresponding CX friction or thrust areas, ideal customer journey, trends, touchpoints, and compliance issues prevailing in the segment. This know-how will allow them to make informed recommendations.

2. Consumer Protection Law Compliance


Depending on your region of operation, you may have to adhere to laws and regulations that protect consumer interest in varying degrees. For instance, you would require explicit customer consent to initiate a mobile messaging campaign. You would need a provider who is not only aware of these guidelines but can also stay up to date on them to ensure that you remain compliant.

3. Engagement Flexibility

Marketing and customer engagement require diversity to thrive. One cannot only rely on push notifications to get their brand message across. Your customers require a carefully orchestrated combination of strategies to elicit a favorable response. Hence, you would need a set of flexible technical resources to make it happen.

4. High Customer Data Security

When one thinks of mobile engagement automation platforms, one also needs to consider their security. Given that the system manages customer data, along with user consent, any form of a data breach could lose your business trust and money in the form of fines.

5. Customizing Automation

In this hypercompetitive environment, businesses need to start engaging their customers on the get-go. Hence, you would require a solution provider with minimum time to market. And to enable this, they must offer customizable modules, workflows, and technologies that they can modify according to your business requirements.

6. Real-Time Implementation

All the above features and specifications are excellent on their own. However, having these in real-time gives it the extra “oomph” factor. Providers who offer real-time customer engagement will allow you to capitalize on the micro-moments that can propel your business to success! Plus, it leaves room for scalability for peak demand or off-season periods.

7. Customer Support

Naturally, no business wants to work with a mobile engagement automation provider who plans to bill and run. Post-sales servicing through onboarding, training, technical assistance, and customer support could be the fine line between the seamless implementation of mobile engagement automation and project failure.

MoEngage: A Leading Mobile Engagement Automation Platform

One can see from above that mobile engagement automation platforms are an excellent way to future-proof mobile marketing. And if you are here, chances are that you are in the market for a solid mobile engagement automation solution.

Fortunately, you are at the right place.

According to Forrester research, MoEngage is rated as a strong performer and we are well on our path to becoming a leader. Our associations with major brands across various industry verticals put us in a comfortable spot to give your organization a competitive edge.

So go ahead, and get in touch with us now!

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