Web push case study: How SportsCafe achieved 32% increase in page views

November 29, 2016 - 1 minute read

As a marketer, you only have a few chances to engage your website visitors. Visitors once lost, for whatever reason may never come back to your website. What if, we told you there is a way to engage website visitors and bring them back to your site? Say hello to web push notifications. A simple five-minute implementation on your website can do wonders when you’re trying to boost engagement and visits to your website. Web push notifications prompt users with a simple ‘opt-in’ message. Once, the user opts-in you can send a host of messages to opted-in users through browser push notifications. Wonder how businesses out there are benefitting from web push notifications? Well, they certainly are. SportsCafe, a one-stop platform  for all things sport, implemented web push notifications on their website and observed the following gains:


Increase in average page views on SportsCafe


users driven to the site in their first 100 days with web push notifications


Increase in time-spent from ‘web push visitors’ compared to regular visitors


click-through rate observed for web push notifs

Want to learn more about how SportsCafe achieved the above results with web push notifications? Click on the link below to read the complete case study.

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