All You Need to Know About Chrome Push Notifications in Under 5 Minutes

  • UPDATED: 17 July 2023
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  • Read on to know how chrome push notifications work.
  • Learn how Chrome push notifications can drive conversions on your site by up to 9X.

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Chrome push notifications are probably the best thing to happen to the fading web browser today. Sending ‘push notifications’ was a key advantage mobile apps held over the browser web. Now, with the launch of ‘chrome push notifications’, the browser has once again come back hard to fight marketer irrelevancy. In this article, we try to quickly explain some elements of chrome push notifications and why they matter.

What is a Chrome push notification?

Chrome Push notifications allow website visitors to opt-in to timely updates from websites they love and allow you to effectively re-engage them with personalized, engaging content.

Chrome push notifications


How Chrome push notifications work:

First, let’s understand how a chrome push notification works. Check out the diagram and steps below which, show what goes behind every chrome push notification:

Chrome push notifications work

Step 1: Create a web push campaign on MoEngage and our server sends a request to GCM (Google Cloud Messaging)

Step 2: GCM intimates the browser service-worker about a ‘Push event’.

Step 3: Browser service worker fetches the push message content from our servers.

Step 4: The website sends the notification content to the service worker.

Step 5: Service worker displays the notification on the device (even when the user is not on the website).

Why chrome push notifications are valuable for websites?


Solve web marketing challenges

Nearly 90% of your website visitors are anonymous. What if, you could unmask these anonymous visitors and engage with them? Similarly, websites today face a host of challenges while looking to engage visitors. Chrome push notifications deployed with deep dive segmentation and user analytics can help you understand these anonymous visitors so you can engage them with relevant content via push notifications. Check out this free e-book ‘6 Web marketing challenges solved with chrome push’ to learn more. Be it reducing cart abandonments or driving subscriptions for your blog, chrome push notifications can come in very handy.


Bring users back to your website and keep them engaged

It’s quite common for users to get distracted and leave your website. Chrome push notifications that work even when the website is closed can help bring these users back to your site. With the power of analytics and chrome push notifications, you can engage website visitors with relevant notifications that are relevant to the visitor based on their past behavior. It’s that simple!


Deliver seamless cross-channel engagement

Thanks to chrome push notifications, websites are now one step closer to the realizing the dream of engaging users seamlessly, across the web and mobile. A powerful cross-channel marketing platform can trace user behavior on your app vis-a-vis your website and target them accordingly with relevant communication.


Give your website the power of push

Desktop usage still accounts for 42% of total internet time. Chrome push notifications deliver the power of serving real-time push notifications to this 42% of internet users. Meaning, now there is a way for you to engage website visitors with chrome push notifications, who otherwise are just browsing through your site without acting on things.


Benefits over other channels like email and app push

Chrome push notifications are sometimes better compared to other channels and can drive conversions on your site by up to 9X. For example, the opt-in rates for push notifications are higher than that of email opt-in rates. Similarly, opt-out rates for chrome push notifications is significantly less when compared to mobile app push.

To learn more about chrome push notifications and how they can help solve your web marketing problems, please download a copy of our free e-book by clicking below.

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