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SportsCafe Achieves 32% Lift in Page Views with MoEngage Web Push Notifications

Discover how SportsCafe used MoEngage’s web push notifications to achieve a 32% click-through rate, causing 10000+ customers to visit the SportsCafe site in their first 100 days of click action.

About SportsCafe

SportsCafe is a one-stop platform where Indian sports fans can follow their favorite sports through live-scores, match reports, features, and forums. In addition to cricket, they also aim to cover other globally popular sports.

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“As a digital content service provider, MoEngage Web Push has significantly increased our ability to send targeted notifications to our users. I can push breaking news articles to cricket enthusiasts while sending tactical football analysis to users who are into detailed statistics.”

Gaurav Konar
Co-founder, SportsCafe
Increase in Average page Views
Increase in Time-spent from ‘Web Push Visitors’
The Problem

As a digital advertising-driven site, SportsCafe used traditional means of driving traffic: social media and Google AdWords among others. With 90% of their traffic being from anonymous visitors, the SportsCafe team wanted to do more to increase traffic and create a pool of engaged visitors who would keep coming back to the site - especially on mobile devices.

MoEngage Solution

SportsCafe implemented MoEngage Web Push letting them deliver mobile push notification experience on desktop and mobile devices. Here’s what they experienced - a 120% Increase in time-spent from ‘web push visitors’ compared to regular visitors, a 32% click-through rate observed for web push notifications.

The Result

SportsCafe used MoEngage to reach out to 10000+ customers by delivering real-time web push notifications. Sending timely and relevant notifications with advanced segmentation based on fans’ sports interests, helped them boost overall website page views by 32%.

• 32% increase in average page views on SportsCafe
• 32% click-through rate observed for web push notifications
• 10,000+ customers driven to the site in their first 100 days
• 120% increase in time-spent from ‘web push visitors’ compared to regular visitors

With web push notifications, SportsCafe observed a 120% increase in total time spent on the website compared to regular website visitors. This exercise was made easy for SportsCafe with MoEngage goal tracking, which helped identify their most loyal audience segments, engage them and measure impact.

For the team, a 32% increase in web push notification CTR placed this channel much ahead of other marketing channels. For the customers, these notifications could be opted for easily in just a click. Overall, MoEngage Web Push helped SportsCafe to achieve its traffic and customer engagement goals.

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