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How Empiricus Increased Customer Retention by 135% with Automated and Personalised Journeys


About Empiricus

Empiricus is Brazil’s largest financial publisher, with +450K subscribers and +1M monthly readers. They provide investment advice to their clients so they can invest their funds as wisely as possible. They provide finance content via subscription, and publish new suggestions or updated investment reports weekly. Subscribers can access tutorials, asset lists, news, videos, and podcasts.

Business Need

Empiricus provides free content to help new customers decide whether to subscribe to their investment reports. These materials include free beginner courses, financial market analysis, news, and tools such as a real-time stock market index. However, new customers found it challenging to extract value from this journey, leading to app uninstallation. The growth team at Empiricus knew they needed to devise a strategy to address this issue and increase their chances of converting these free customers and keeping them engaged with the app for extended periods.

MoEngage Solution

Empiricus launched a campaign called ‘The 7-Day Challenge’. A new onboarding strategy to encourage new customers to discover in-app features through gamification. Empiricus enabled MoEngage’s smart journey orchestration called Flows to ensure the success of this new initiative. This provided visibility into each customer’s performance and automatically delivered cross-channel communications (push and in-app notifications) on daily missions. The team also personalised messages to encourage engagement and gave prizes to those who completed the mission.The implementation of a new onboarding strategy using MoEngage’s Flows provided Empiricus with a new product idea, which was launched as a result of this initiative.
increase in new customer retention
New Product Launched

What They Say About Us

New user retention is the first true litmus test for any SaaS company. MoEngage’s full suite of customer engagement tools helped us exceed industry benchmarks for new customer retention. It enabled us to keep track of our new users by designing engagement flows that were laser-focused on our main goals of increasing engagement and retention.
Vinicius Bazan
Head of Product - Empiricus

How MoEngage Can Help In Offering Delightful Experiences

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