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Landmark Group Observes 56% Uplift in Purchases during the White Wednesday Sale

Uplift in Purchases
Retention Rate of Subscribers and Purchases
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Landmark Group started in 1973, is one of the largest retail and hospitality brands in the Middle East, Africa, and India. The Group operates over 2,300 outlets offering over 50 world-class brands across 22 countries. As well as bricks and mortar, the Group also operates the largest ecommerce business and loyalty program Shukran in the region. They offer a diverse range of concepts including clothing, footwear, home improvement, wellness, food, and hotel brands in addition to Shukran, the largest loyalty program in the region.

White Wednesday Engagement to Boost Sales

White Wednesday is the biggest online sale period of the year which is the best time for the eCommerce arm of Landmark Group to increase new subscribers, customers, purchases, and revenue. For White Wednesday Sale 2019, Landmark Group wanted to encourage app purchases and improve app conversions. The White Wednesday campaign’s core intent was to ensure maximum offers and discounts were utilized by the app users.

White Wednesday Engagement to Boost Sales

MoEngage has helped Landmark Group take its automation game to the next level, allowing the retail brand to improve customer engagement across the group's apps, sites, and other real estate.

App Activation and Notification Opt-in

The team at MoEngage worked extensively with the Groups CRM and Retention team before, during and after the sale advising them to run specific White Wednesday focused offers using in-app and push notifications to attract and engage app customers in order to reach and engage more customers. The strategy for the presale week promotion was to encourage existing app users to opt-in for push notifications during the sale and beyond, and to promote inactive customers to engage with the app and entice with attractive offers. In order to increase push notification opt-ins, the CRM & Retention team opted to send in-app notifications adopting different strategies for Android and iOS users. The team further broke this down using MoEngage segmentation such as purchase history and search history. For customers who had already opted in to receive push notifications, but had been inactive, White Wednesday specific lapsing communications were sent highlighting the benefits of engaging with the concept in question. For customers who have opted in to receive notifications and have been active, this segment was targeted with communications such as promoting the use of wishlist functionality within the app, slashed prices and gifting.

Sale Promotion Week

After the pre-week sale promotion using general push notification, the CRM & Retention team created an end-to-end push notification campaign workflow using MoEngage Flows. The strategy for this Flow campaign was to use an event analysis approach instead of a direct purchase analysis approach because the event approach monitored customer’s actions at an event level. Also, this approach offers a better understanding of the customer’s actions and their intent to purchase. Using Flows, the Group mapped-out the campaigns based on their hourly offers and discounts on various apparel, footwear, home & living products. However, these notifications were further drilled down based on the wishlist items added a week before, event actions and historical purchase and search data. Also, these push notifications were personalized and localized to ensure customers’ preferred language was maintained using MoEngage’s Dynamic Product Messaging. So if a customer bought footwear from a particular brand then related footwear was sent with slashed rates.

Products Used
Omnichannel Flows
Create connected experiences at every stage of customer journey across channels using Omnichannel Flows.
Push Amplification +
Deliver push notifications to more customers with proprietary Push Amplification™ Plus technology.
Smart Recommendations
Build personalized experiences by driving most relevant product recommendations.
The Result

Landmark Group wanted to improve app purchases during the White Wednesday Sale 2019. In order to ensure that maximum offers were being utilized, the team used MoEngage to run focused offers via in-app and push notifications – before, during and after the sale.

• 35% uplift in subscribers across a span of 28 days
• 65% increase in retention rate of subscribers
• 56% uplift in purchases
• 30% higher delivery rate on all communication

Segmented campaigns targeting new and existing customers based on real-time event triggers such as purchase, product search history, add to cart etc were deployed. Push notifications were personalized and localized to ensure that the customers’ preferred language was maintained, using MoEngage DPM.

Data monitored over a period of two weeks was then used to understand customer behaviour and cross-sell or upsell products to them. To incentivize dormant customers and retain them, general push notifications were sent with an exclusive offer, in return for taking a short customer experience survey.