Narrator and Guests
  • narrator
    Elizabeth Pampalone
    Marketing Expert, Business Consultant, International Speaker,
    Absolute Marketing
  • narrator
    Rajarshi Choudhuri
    Senior Content Marketing Manager ,

Discover Elizabeth’s special approach to creating content for email marketing in a limited time frame. Understand how small business looking to scale should approach email marketing along with a break down of best performing email campaign types. You also get a look at metrics to track, tips to overcome deliverability hurdles, and how to tread the thin line between personalization and privacy while mailing customers.

Creates and builds insightful content for the B2B/B2C marketing community by the day, moonlights as a pop culture aficionado by the night. Published author with global and national publications like e27, TechInAsia, Yourstory, Tripoto, Huffington Post, and YouthKiAwaaz. Can be found binging on Sci-Fi and High Fantasy when not churning content.