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    Tejas Manohar
    Cofounder and Co-CEO,
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    Rajarshi Choudhuri
    Lead-Content Marketing, IMEA & SEA,

Tejas is the co-founder of Hightouch, the leading Reverse ETL platform that syncs customer data from your warehouse into tools your business teams rely on. Prior to co-founding Hightouch, Tejas worked as the Engineering Manager at Segment where he managed the Platform team.

Creates and builds insightful content for the B2B/B2C marketing community by the day, moonlights as a pop culture aficionado by the night. Published author with global and national publications like e27, TechInAsia, Yourstory, Tripoto, Huffington Post, and YouthKiAwaaz. Can be found binging on Sci-Fi and High Fantasy when not churning content.