[Case Study] Gaana Boosts Premium Subscription and User-Engagement with MoEngage

  • UPDATED: 26 July 2023
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Gaana is a leading online music streaming service with over 50 million users worldwide. Launched by Times Internet in April 2010, Gaana aims to provide both Indian and international music content to its users.

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The Premise – Need for engagement and Premium signup

The leading music service provider found it imperative to drive greater engagement with their users as well as encourage users to signup for the premium services. Gaana wanted to promote their newly acquired users to the premium account. The service provider also looked to drive engagement by delivering a personalized music streaming experience to each user, in an attempt to keep them coming back to the app and continue their premium subscription.

The Plan of Action

Gaana leveraged MoEngage’s industry-leading ‘Segmentation’ platform to deliver personalization at scale. They achieved this by creating Engagement Campaigns for each segment which translated into large-scale personalization.

The creation of lifecycle campaign by the service provider encouraged new users to activate the 14-day free trial and eventually upgrade to the premium account. Using MoEngage’s notifications, Gaana recorded a 120% rise in premium subscriptions.

Gaana also employed Carousel Notifications by MoEngage, which boasted personalized and rich content to engage with the app users. The service provider observed that these push notifications contributed to 10% of the DAU (Daily Active Users) on the app.

To find out more on how Gaana achieved both user engagement and premium subscription signups, download our case study here.

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