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Jeeny Observes 25% Uplift in Conversions with MoEngage’s Personalized Cross-channel Campaigns

Discover how Jeeny used MoEngage’s Segmentation, Flows and Push Notification features to revamp their customer engagement, resulting in a 27% boost in MAUs and a 25% increase in brand conversion rate.

About Jeeny

Jeeny is a mobile app that offers easy ride-hailing services in the middle-east region. With almost 3M customers, Jeeny also offers integrated wallet top-up transactions that let customers’ pay anytime, anywhere via an online money app.

India, MEA, Saudi Arabia
Products Used
Customer Journey Orchestration
Dynamic Product Messaging
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"With MoEngage, we were able to achieve this in a dynamic way as we not only customized messages based on user location but also optimized the time these messages were sent."

Hasan Abu Ghosh
Head of Marketing, Jeeny
Uplift in quarterly conversions
Booked rides after getting notifications
The Problem

Jeeny wanted to offer relevant real-time communication to the customers on new offers and discounts, specific offer codes to loyal users, and more.

MoEngage Solution

Jeeny wanted to boost user activity on a monthly basis by offering relevant engagement Increase conversions using offers and discounts.

The Result

The Jeeny team wanted to create specific customer journeys based on their usage and deliver relevant communication to their customers. With the MoEngage platform, they were able to segment customers, create journeys, build Flow campaigns and offer personalized messaging.

• 20% uplift in Quarterly Conversions
• 27% increase in Quarterly MAUs
• 962k booked rides after getting notifications
• 25% increase in brand conversion rate

Using the segmentation feature of MoEngage, the Jeeny team were able to create and map customer journeys by segmenting customers based on app activation and further drilling down to the frequency of usage, leading to two pools of customers – active recurring customers, and active occasional customers.

Post segmentation, the team used MoEngage Flows to create customer campaigns that could automate relevant messaging across their mobile app and email channels as push notifications, in-app messages, and emails. Customers could now get relevant offers with codes depending on how they interacted with the app.

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