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SkillClash Achieves 30% Uplift in Revenue Using MoEngage’s Segmentation Capabilities

Discover how the Indian gaming brand, SkillClash, leveraged MoEngage’s segmentation capabilities to increase revenue by 30% and also uplift its D30 retention numbers by 40%!

About SkillClash

SkillClash is a B2C offering from Gamezop. It is a real-money gaming (RMG) destination – a place for gamers in India to play games of skill and win money. Customers have a wide range of titles to choose from – Carrom, Ludo, 8 Ball Pool, Rummy, and more! In line with its mission of making game consumption frictionless, SkillClash is a web-first offering without the friction of an APK side-install.

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Using MoEngage, we've been able to drive up retention numbers on SkillClash tremendously! By proactively engaging dormant customers using MoEngage’s segmentation capabilities, we have seen a 30% uplift in our SkillClash revenue! This technological partnership has been a key element in our success with cracking the code to customer retention.

Yashash Agarwal
Co-founder, Gamezop
Uplift in Revenue
Uplift in D30 Retention Rates
Business Challenge

In a booming industry like gaming, SkillClash wanted to differentiate itself from the mass of ecosystem players prevalent in India. The key objective was to effectively communicate with the right audience, win their trust, turn them into customers, and retain them in the long run.

MoEngage Solution

SkillClash was able to proactively engage dormant customers using MoEngage’s segmentation capabilities, and, consequently, bump up their bottom line numbers by 30%! The gaming brand also saw a significant increase in its user reachability (~1 million customers/day) with Push Amplification® Technology.

The Result

Using MoEngage, SkillClash was able to:

  • Achieve over 30% uplift in revenue using MoEngage’s Segmentation Capabilities
  • Increase their user reachability to ~1 million customers/day using Push Amplification®
  • Clock a 40% uplift in Day 30 retention rates for key cohorts
  • Attain an all-time high of 1.76 million customers per month for their App Opened numbers

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