WeatherBug Boosts App Re-engagement by 27% Using MoEngage

WeatherBug Drives Customer Loyalty with 27% Boost in App Re-engagement Rate

Conversion Rate
Uplift in Customer Retention Rate
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WeatherBug is a leading weather application, offering personalized and highly accurate weather data that is hyper-localized, providing consumers with tailored and reliable forecasting information. With over 15M monthly engaged users across web, app, and digital channels, WeatherBug gives consumers real-time information about significant weather events, lightning strikes, and forecasts, empowering consumers worldwide with actionable insights for everyday planning and proactive preparation.

Business Challenges

WeatherBug grappled with manually setting up push notifications, limited audience selection, and the need for more personalization.

However, the integration with MoEngage resolved these issues, enabling WeatherBug to send personalized push notifications.

This helped them improve audience targeting, curate re-engagement campaigns successfully, and foster a more dynamic and responsive community of users.

Business Challenges

MoEngage's strategic approach enabled WeatherBug to achieve an impressive 27.32% conversion rate, signaling a remarkable resurgence in customer engagement and solidifying a robust re-engagement strategy while maintaining a steady reduction in uninstall rates.

Tamires Peixoto
Tamires Peixoto
Marketing Manager, WeatherBug
MoEngage Solution

MoEngage provided WeatherBug with the capabilities of sending recurring push notifications, improving audience selection, and campaign optimization.

Adding campaign tags enhanced visibility, and the user-friendly, custom dashboards simplified the end-to-end marketing process. They also facilitated continuous monitoring and optimization of engagement strategies.

Re-engaging customers through personalized communication

Personalization was introduced through in-app and push messages.

The re-engagement campaign, targeting customers who were inactive for 5 days, achieved great conversions, re-engaging 220,000 customers.

Uninstalls remained steady at the rate of 84, showcasing a successful retention strategy.

Products Used
Customer Insights & Analytics
Create omnichannel, personalized experiences using AI-powered insights and analytics.
In-app Messaging
Accelerate engagement and motivate action on mobile, through contextually personalized, in-app messages.
MoEngage Analytics
Create omnichannel, personalized experiences using AI-powered analytics.
Push Notification
Reach customers at the right time using AI-powered, targeted, push notifications.

WeatherBug was able to improve its marketing efforts and resolve customer engagement challenges. 

Overall, the brand was able to achieve the following:

  • 27% Conversion Rate 
  • 11% Uplift in Customer Retention 
  • 27% Win Back Rate via Re-engagement Campaigns