Cleartrip converted 5% of the users dropping off
the booking funnel

About Cleartrip

Cleartrip is a leading online travel agency. Founded in 2006 with the
motto to “Make Travel Simple”, it has been serving its customers with top
notch services in booking flights, hotels, resorts, getaways and other activities.

The Problem

Cleartrip wanted to delight their customers through personalized on-boarding and engage each customer based on their in-app behavior.

The Solution

MoEngage’s User Intelligence helped Cleartrip identify customer drop-off points and engage them through automated ‘Personalized Smart Triggers’.

What they say About Us

“At Cleartrip everything is driven by our focus on providing our users with the best experience possible. So we use Personalized Smart Triggers from MoEngage to send relevant reminders based on user behavior, rather than spamming everyone using the Cleartrip app. We have seen up to 45% CTRs on these interactions with almost 5% of the users who were dropping off in the booking funnel converting.”


Learn How MoEngage helped Cleartrip to successfully Onboard, Activate and Engage customers