Shopo defies first week dropoffs through 13% conversions
on onboarding push campaigns

About Shopo

Shopo is an Open C2C Marketplace from Snapdeal, one of the India's leading E-commerce platforms.
It (Shopo) allows you to buy & sell everything from clothing, footwear, accessories,
home products and much more - all within a friendly chat interface on the app.

The Problem

Shopo, being a community marketplace had a unique challenge on hands - engage both sellers and buyers at the same time on its app. It was imperative to familiarize users with an all new marketplace platform and help them accomplish tasks like setup a store, enable payment gateways, sell an item or buy an item.

The Solution

To achieve this Shopo took to a unique approach of ‘always-be-onboarding’ where relevant pushes were sent to users at regular intervals allowing the users to settle into the app. To ensure continued engagement Shopo also employed Smart Trigger Pushes based on key user ‘events’ in an ongoing manner so users are engaged with the app throughout.

What they say About Us

“As a disruptive app, we wanted to make users feel at home and take their time while understanding and using the app. MoEngage’s user analytics and engagement platform helped us achieve just that. We have witnessed CTRs of upto 30% for our campaigns.”


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