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Create personalized experiences that win customers for life. Delight them with tailored recommendations and offers based on their preferences, behavior, demographics, interests, transactions, and more.

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A superlative experience without boundaries

  • Onboard

    Align the product onboarding experience with the customer’s personal success. Help them discover value quickly through personalized onboarding journeys.

    personalize and onboard customers
  • Retain

    Keep your customers hooked with product and content recommendations that are spot-on. Sync up your product or content catalog and deliver recommendations in real-time based on customer behavior, preferences, demographics, activity history, location, time, and more.

    personalize and retain customers
  • Grow

    Build a unified and personalized brand experience across all offline and online touchpoints. Maximize customer lifetime value, by empowering them to succeed whenever, wherever, and however they interact with your brand.

    personalize and grow customers

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profit rate25%

conversion with cross-channel messaging


With MoEngage, we were able to achieve this in a dynamic way as we not only customized messages based on user location but also optimized the time these messages were sent.

Hasan Abu Ghosh

Hasan Abu Ghosh

Head of Marketing, Jeeny

Personalize every touchpoint

Delight customers with personalized recommendations across channels

Sync your product or content catalog with customer preferences, behavior, purchase patterns, and attributes. Delight them with recommendations that are spot-on.


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