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Berrybenka Case Study: How It Achieved 14x Engagement + Boost in Conversions Using Machine-learning, Segmentation and Personalisation

  • Updated: 21 June 2021
  • 3 min read

 About Berrybenka

Berrybenka Indonesia is a leading online fashion and beauty store. Berrybenka sells more than 1000 local and international brands, including own-label products.

Berrybenka Objectives

  • Identify opportunities and create a unified customer experience across channels
  • Provide a personalized and targeted engagement experience to users
  • Boost overall marketing growth by effective use of marketing automation

Results Snapshot

Berrybenka Case Study: How It Achieved 14x Engagement + Boost in Conversions Using Machine-learning, Segmentation and Personalisation

Berrybenka’s multi-channel approach

Berrybenka leveraged MoEngage’s superior user analytics platform coupled with machine-learning powered engagement channels (push, web push, and in-app messages) to ensure a consistent, seamless user experience across channels. Read further to find out how Berrybenka got the best out of MoEngage’s mobile and web marketing cloud products.

Users do not differentiate between channels, and as a brand, it is up to us to deliver a seamless messaging experience, wherever our users are. Using MoEngage’s advanced user analytics and engagement platforms (push, in-app & web push), we have been able to deliver on the promise of a truly cross-channel  experience to our users thereby impacting our business positively.”

- Yanly Riky, Head of Online Marketing and Campaign, Berrybenka

Bonus Content

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Push Notifications

Push Notifications by Berrybenka
Nearly 46% of the users view push notifications as beneficial or informative. However, a significant number of users also feel they are annoying. So, when it comes to 'push notifications,' being contextual, on-time and personal is imperative.

MoEngage Smart Triggers powered by Sherpa - a set of machine-learning algorithms helped Berrybenka achieve the desired engagement for push notification campaigns by automatically optimizing the timing, content, and delivery of push notifications. Push campaigns powered by Sherpa helped Berrybenka achieve up to an average 10% CTR and 4% of those users completed a purchase on the app. Also, in comparison to regular push campaigns, segmented and Sherpa-powered campaigns result in a 2.8X increase in engagement.

Web Push Notifications

Targeting cart abandoners -strategy by Berrybenka
Mobile digital traffic may have crossed that of the desktop, but a majority of users are still comfortable with doing transactions only on desktop devices. Therefore it is imperative for marketers to take a look at the desktop as a key engagement channel - after all, that's where the buying is happening. Be it engaging first-time visitors on the website or reminding users of items left in the cart, Berrybenka leveraged MoEngage's superior Web push notifications to engage, retain and convert visitors on their website.

Targeting cart abandoners, these campaigns typically resulted in up to an average of 17% CTR and 4% of those users completed a purchase on the website. Moreover, web push notifications result in nearly 8X higher CTRs compared to app push notifications.

In-app messages

In-app messages by Berrybanka
In-app messages act as a personal coach for app users while they are browsing through your app. In-app messages when targeted well can generate up to 17% conversions meaning completed transactions on the app. engagement with your users. In-app messages while used in conjunction with push notifications can give app users the seamless brand experiences they are looking for.

Berrybenka used segmented, targeted in-app messages to drive first-time purchases and boost revenues during holiday sales and other ‘sale occasions.'

To download a short and sharable version of the above case study, please click here.

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