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MoEngage + Amplitude Integration: A Powerful Engagement-Analytics Stack that Mobile-first Brands Need Right Now

  • Updated: 21 June 2021
  • 4 min read
  • MoEngage and Amplitude partnered to help consumer brands sharpen their user engagement strategies. Find out how.
  • Get insightful examples how industries can benefit from this partnership.

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As a marketer, product manager, or a growth leader, you have to constantly find ways to engage customers and prevent them from turning to the competition. You also have to consider using your marketing budget prudently. This is possible with the right combination of analytics and engagement tools to eliminate any guess-work, minimize errors, and save time through two-way data communication between platforms. With the MoEngage and Amplitude partnership, you’ll gain just that.

MoEngage and Amplitude together bring the best of both worlds to maximize user engagement for mobile-first brands

We’re happy to announce that MoEngage and Amplitude have partnered to help consumer brands sharpen their user engagement strategies through a data-driven approach across the user lifecycle.

Amplitude is the leading product intelligence platform that helps companies use their customer data to build great product experiences for systematic business growth. 

MoEngage is an Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform that personalizes every customer interaction to drive better engagement, retention, loyalty, and lifetime value.

How does this work?

MoEngage + Amplitude - Campaign performance data


With this partnership, you can leverage Amplitude to build granular user behavior analysis.

For example, if you are an e-learning app:

  1. You can track a learner’s progress by creating a cohort on Amplitude. Learner progress will help you determine where each user is at in terms of course completion. You could export these cohorts to MoEngage with a single click.
  2. Within the MoEngage platform, you’ll have access to a host of personalization tools such as AI-powered Optimization Engine Sherpa, Smart Triggers, Omnichannel Flows, Push Amplification to offer tips and nudge them to navigate through the course.
  3. This engagement analytics can then be sent back to Amplitude for deeper insights and further refine your engagement.

This is a simple example of how the right analytics+engagement stack can help you sharpen your user engagement strategy in a smart way and with ease.

How can your brand benefit from the combined forces of Amplitude and MoEngage?

The partnership between MoEngage and Amplitude can help companies to:

  • Directly leverage Amplitude analytics in MoEngage campaigns. It is easy to set up and does not require any extra development efforts.
  • Automate cohort updates from your Amplitude dashboard to MoEngage on a periodic basis.
  • Enrich Amplitude analytics by forwarding notification interaction data from MoEngage to Amplitude.

Here are some examples to showcase how industries such as Media/OTT, ed-tech, and e-commerce can benefit from this partnership.

Media/OTT apps

MoEngage subscription renewal reminders


You can identify and create cohorts of users whose subscription is about to expire and notify them about special offers/promotions to retain them as premium subscribers. You can also identify the stickiness aspect that can help in retaining customers and converting them into premium users.


drive repeat purchase through your ecommerce app


You can create cohorts of one-time buyers on Amplitude and convert them into frequent buyers by sending them targeted offers or promotions on MoEngage.


re-engage learners in edtech


Once you know where your users are dropping off while watching a video on your platform, you can bring them back through engagement campaigns. The customer behavior insights can give you a precise picture of what actions can trigger the user to return to the app. 

If you are using Amplitude, here’s how you can use MoEngage to boost engagement

MoEngage is an integrated platform that enables consumer brands to use real-time and contextual insights and engage users across channels. With MoEngage, you can break down the silos between analytics, marketing automation, and customer engagement to speed up growth.

MoEngage’s capabilities are perfect for (but not limited to):

  • Unified marketing, analytics, and engagement: Using MoEngage, you can run campaigns, derive razor-sharp insights, and act on them without switching tabs and dashboards.
  • Customer experience personalization at scale: Explore features that allow you to A/B test and optimize send times, content, personalize recommended products, and offers for each user in real-time.
  • Amplified reach and relevance: Our industry-first feature Push Amplification helps you boost the push notifications delivery rate on Android devices. Also, Real-time triggers enable you to build contextual conversations with their users during micro-moments.
  • Omnichannel marketing across channels: No matter where your users are, engage them with the right message through a host of digital channels such as mobile push, email, in-app, web push, and SMS. 

Get started today!

If you’re using MoEngage and want to integrate Amplitude to your analytics suite, or if you’re using both MoEngage & Amplitude, and need help integrating the two platforms, here are the easy integration steps to get started

If you’re an Amplitude user and new to MoEngage – we’ll be happy to give you a personalized tour of our platform. Just request a demo right here.

MoEngage + Amplitude Partnership.


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