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Craft brilliant customer experiences through one dashboard. MoEngage offers natively built analytics in addition to omnichannel engagement. So you can spend more time obsessing over a superior customer experience instead of switching between multiple tools and systems.

  • Onboard

  • Retain

  • Grow

Insights that matter, at every stage of the journey

  • Onboard

    Map the steps in your customer’s onboarding journey and identify where they are dropping off. Figure out who is dropping off and why, by diving into demographics, location, device type, and acquisition channels data.

  • Retain

    Obsess over your loyal customers and map their journey across your digital and offline touchpoints. Understand their actions and find out what makes them stick.

  • Grow

    Understand the behavioral differences between repeat and non-repeat customers. Analyze their demographics, activity history, transactions, location, and more to understand their likes, dislikes, preferences, and interests.

What top brands say about MoEngage

profit rate90%

automation of customer data analysis


After utilizing MoEngage Analytics, it has become easier for the team to understand our customers— their interests and intentions. We are able to implement data-backed campaigns.

Chandan Singh

VP - Product, Adda247

All the data you need in a single place

Analyze customer behavior and act on it instantly

Identify the precise stages where most customers drop off. Create campaigns to plug the leaks and bring them back to your app, store or offline touchpoints.

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