Announcing Sherpa Content Optimization: AI-driven auto optimization for higher conversions

moengage sherpa

As the marketing industry continues to digitize itself, machine-learning AI-driven systems are helping marketers address their key concerns around analytics, tracking, and attribution. However, these systems are only scratching the surface of AI as there exists plenty of unexplored opportunities. One such opportunity we explored late last year is with the launch of MoEngage Sherpa ‘Intelligent […]

Berrybenka achieves 14X increase in engagement & boosts conversions using machine-learning, segmentation and personalisation

About Berrybenka Berrybenka Indonesia is a leading online fashion and beauty store. Berrybenka sells more than 1000 local and international brands, including own-label products. Berrybenka Objectives Identify opportunities and create a unified customer experience across channels Provide a personalized and targeted engagement experience to users Boost overall marketing growth by effective use of marketing automation […]