Engage Customers Outside Your
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Your customers are spending a lot of time on platforms such as Facebook, Google, WhatsApp and more.
Include these channels to create meaningful engagement with your customers even when they are not on
your website or app

Engage Users In Their Micro-Moments With Timely Messages And Boost Conversions

Your don’t have an omnichannel play, if you are running Facebook and Google Ads in silos. With MoEngage Connectors, you can make these channels a seamless part of your campaigns. Export your customer segments from MoEngage dashboard and map these channels into your customer lifecycle.

Engage users in their micro-moments with timely messages and boost conversions
Contextual messages over WhatsApp

Contextual Messages Over WhatsApp

Got a flash offer to share with your loyal shoppers? Or want to remind users about products they’ve left behind in their carts? With MoEngage Connectors, you automatically trigger contextual and hyper-personalized communication over WhatsApp

Integrated Analytics To Help You Measure The Impact Of Omnichannel Campaigns

Analyse user behavior and campaign performance with our Inbuilt Analytics Engine or you can integrate with your data visualization tool of choice. In addition to the native reports available in MoEngage, plug-in tools like Tableau, Google Data Studio, Qlik, Looker, Redash to get a wider range of visualization options. Read More...

Integrated analytics to help you measure the impact of omnichannel campaigns
Want to boost your omnichannel campaigns?

Why Leading Brands Choose MoEngage Over Competition

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“Social Connectors helped us deliver personalized campaigns based on customer actions outside the platform.”

Saurabh Pal
Saurabh Pal
Business Analyst,
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"MoEngage’s critical knowledge and expertise on email marketing have helped us improve not only our email deliverability by 90%, but also increase our conversions by 5%."

anuj ranka, vp performance marketing early salary
Anuj Ranka
VP, Performance Marketing
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"Customer journeys are becoming more dynamic and interconnected in nature. MoEngage Flows helps us seamlessly integrate push notifications, email, and ad technologies to deliver a unique customer experience while delivering an optimal messaging experience to the users."

Holy Theodore
Holy Theodore
Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
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"MoEngage integrates all our Marketing needs in one platform and makes it easy to target the right user, customize the message and integrate a unified strategy across all channels; Email, Push Notification, and In-App"

Mar Mallolas
Marc Mallolas
Head of Marketing &
Business Intelligence,

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