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Reach up to 40% more users with our Push Amp+ feature

40-70% of your Push Notifications might not be reaching your potential customers.

Get the best deliverability rates in the industry with MoEngage’s Web Push Platform. Reach up to 40% more users with our Push Amp+ feature for browser notifications. Get your message delivered to the right audience to get higher click-through rates.

Higher the Reach —> Higher Notifications Received on websites → Higher Users Clicking → Higher Conversions/Revenue.

hyper personalize

Send hyper-personalized browser notifications to increase conversions

Sending personalized notifications on Chrome, Firefox, and Mozilla increases conversion rates by 4X.

MoEngage’s Recommendation Engine analyses your data and helps you send hyper-personalized messages to your customers across web apps and websites. Send Product Recommendations, Cart Abandonment Reminders, Price Alerts and more.

The more personalized the offer, the higher the uplift.

Automate A/B testing with Sherpa AI to maximize campaign engagement

Optimise your campaigns by predicting and sending the right push notification at the right time.

MoEngage’s Sherpa AI, a powerful machine learning engine learns the performance of your campaigns and automatically drives traffic towards top-performing content. Web browser notifications are automatically sent to individuals at the time they are most likely to convert.

Get up to 10% higher conversions with Content Optimisation and up to 14% higher conversions with Time Optimisation.

Perform analysis on 100% of your data to target the exact set of users

Perform analysis on 100% of your data to target the exact set of users.

Optimize your spend to maximize your conversion and retention.

MoEngage’s unique Open Analytics feature enables you to be more data-driven and efficient. Understand and analyze your data better by connecting to external visualizations tools like Tableau or Google Data Studio. Get additional session-based insights such as Bounce Rate, Session Duration, Sessions per user, Revenue by Source, etc.

Track up to 5 conversion goals for your campaigns across web apps, web browsers and websites.

Automate Customer Journeys and target them with Web Push Notifications

Targeting users at each stage of the journey has higher Click Through Rates (CTR).

Automate Customer Journeys with MoEngage’s Flows. Trigger a Customer Journey with just one of your users’ attributes (Eg. Email, Mobile Number etc) and engage them through notifications on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari etc.

You can also personalize the Flow communication sent to customers based on their actions.

Start engaging the right users with the best message at the perfect time

Why Brands Choose MoEngage Web Push

micro management


Cater to users in their regional languages with your campaign messages sent keeping in mind their time zones

Rich Media

Rich Media

Create Web Push Notifications with enticing creative visuals that get the attention of your users

Custom Opt-Ins

Custom Opt-Ins

Customize your opt-ins with the right message to get people to subscribe to your push notifications

Behavioral Triggers

Trigger web push notifications for a particular user action on your website such as cart abandonment, user drop-offs, etc

Automated Push API

Push API that supports personalization, multiple conversion goals, action buttons and more.

Oyo Logo

"At OYO, we are committed towards delivering an unparalleled hotel booking experience to our guests and we feel MoEngage is the right partner who can help us get there with their differentiated offering. We have witnessed improvement in delivery rates, made possible by MoEngage’s proprietary technology, Push Amplification."

Pranav Agrawal
Pranav Agrawal
AVP - CRM Head

"Our core focus is enabling our customers to engage with us digitally. To accelerate this digital shift, we are re-launching our self-care apps across our European footprint, taking customer care, service discovery, payments, and much more right to our users’ fingertips. MoEngage’s forward-looking engagement platform has been critical in enabling us to deliver contextual, personalized and relevant communications & alerts to our customers, at the right time, based on usage and behavior patterns."

Jonathan Abrahamson
Jonathan Abrahamson
VP Digitization
Deutsche Telekom
Tokopedia Logo

"Customer journeys are increasingly becoming more dynamic and interconnected in nature. For brands, to win, they must take cognizance of this paradigm and adapt their marketing tactics. ‘Flows’, by MoEngage, helps us seamlessly integrate both marketing and ad technologies to deliver a unique customer experience while delivering an optimal messaging experience to the users."

Holy Theodore
Holy Theodore
Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
Gaana Logo

"MoEngage’s advanced segmentation and personalized engagement channels have helped us deliver an unparalleled listening experience to our users. MoEngage push notifications help us achieve up to 120% uplift in subscriptions for premium account drive up to 10% DAU (Daily Active Users) on the app."

Nachiketa Arya
Nachiketa Arya
Product Manager for Engagement
Snapdeal Logo

"Great product, built for agile marketeers, who like to stay in control of things and leading trends! Plus highly supportive team!"

Tarun Babbar
Tarun Babbar
Growth Marketing
Ayopop Logo

"MoEngage integrates all our Marketing needs in one platform and makes it easy to target the right user, customize the message and integrate a unified strategy across all channels; Email, Push Notification and In-App"

Mar Mallolas
Marc Mallolas
Head of Marketing &
Business Intelligence,

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recognized industry leaders

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are web push notifications?

    Web Push notifications are quick way of engaging with users by way of sending them messages through the website. Websites use web push notifications to share information on the device used by visitors even when the website page is not open.

  • Can websites/web apps send push notifications?

    Yes, push notifications can be used by websites and web apps to reach the devices of their target users with special offers and services details. Web push notifications can also be used to promote apps, tools, timely relevant offers, blogs, events, latest news and updates etc.

  • How does web push notification work?

    Web push notifications are browser-based notifications. If the browser supports push notifications, it asks for permission to the user to receive notifications. Once the user subscribes through the opt-in box, a push message is sent through API from the server-side to the browser end and is stored in its buffer. When the user starts the browser on the device, the push message is activated after data decryption from the browser and is shown to the user.

  • How do I set up notifications for a website?

    It is easy to set up notifications for a website. With tools like MoEngage all you have to do is add the server key to the dashboard of MoEngage. Now, the notification you want to add has to be embedded in the MoEngage.Builder along with the App Id. For push notification, you need to do Push Token Registration but with MoEngage tool, the MoEngage SDK handles it all. Once the token is registered, you are set to send the push notifications.

  • What is browser push notification?

    Even though you may not achieve 100% delivery rates, you can still improve your existing delivery rates with push amplification tools like MoEngage. Push amplification detects the failure in notification delivery and acts as a fallback to the FCM, thereby delivering the notification to users. This amplifies the reach and improves overall delivery rates by up to 40%.

  • Why do you need push amplification?

    Browser push notifications are the messages that websites send to the user browsers.

  • What is web push technology?

    Web push technology is an internet-based message channel. Unlike the pop-up messages that users get when they are browsing websites, web push technology works on a subscription basis. Users have to agree on getting notifications from respective websites and when there are any updates from these providers, the user browser will show push notification on the user device with information and CTA.

  • How to send push notifications for your web app or website?

    To enable push notifications for your web app or website, you have to establish communication with the user browser through service workers. Once your service worker is registered with the browser, you can send a request for subscription in which a request is sent to the user and once the user accepts, a communication channel is established using API to connect with browser for timely push notifications.

  • How to segment web push notifications?

    Segmentation is highly recommended when you go for push notifications. It also adds a personalized experience to the user. Segmentation for the push notifications can be done based once

    • * Device used,

    • * Location of the user,

    • * Segmentation based on your website action calls,

    • * URL based segmentation

  • When to use web push notifications?

    Web push notifications are an effective way to re-engage users in order to promote your products, share news, provide latest updates or offers. Marketers use this feature to connect with their users even when they are dormant in their use of the site as these are pushed directly to the browser. After checking the time zone for the segmented set of users, websites can draft the message with apt CTA and push it to the devices of users to remind them of their business services/products or special discounts and events.

  • Why web push notifications are better?

    Web push notifications are better than other mediums because of their low cost and high ROI probability. It provides real-time data and has a quick action call to engage users immediately. Having push notification in place gets the attention of users instantly and this, in turn, leads to higher conversion rates for your business.

  • How to create web push notifications?

    With MoEngage Tool, you can easily create customized Web Push Notifications. On the MoEngage Dashboard, you have to go to Campaigns and then Push Campaigns, select Create Campaign from the sidebar. After naming your campaign, select the target platform as WEB and target user as “All users”. Now comes the Messaging part in which you can write the content you wish to display and then the URL where the notification has to redirect the users to. The last in line is Scheduling the Push Notification. You get several options here, and once you decide on the frequency and scheduling, your campaign is created which can be tested before rolling it out.

  • List a few web push notification use cases

    A lot can be done with the help of push notifications. These are displayed as alerts on the browser window. A few use cases for web push notifications are:

    • ⦿ Special sale offers

    • ⦿ Cart abandonment

    • ⦿ Flight rates

    • ⦿ Event details

    • ⦿ Transactional alerts

    • ⦿ Booking alerts

    • ⦿ Time sensitive offers

    • ⦿ Live scores of sporting events

    • ⦿ Updates on flight status

    • ⦿ Geo-targeted Campaigns

    • ⦿ Product Page Abandonment

    • ⦿ In-Stock Update

    • ⦿ New Product Launches

    • ⦿ New Blog or Case Study

    • ⦿ Targeted discounts

    • ⦿ Win-back campaigns

    • ⦿ Location-based tips and discounts

    • ⦿ News alerts







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