For An Intelligent Omnichannel Strategy,
You Need An Intelligent Email Marketing Platform.

Get a holistic view of your user behavior across channels to keep
your email campaigns contextual and aligned with the overall user experience.

Create beautiful emails, without code

Leverage the drag-and-drop email builder to quickly create beautiful emails without relying on developers.

Add images, content blocks, CTA buttons, and even blocks from your product catalog with ease.

beautiful emails, without code
increase your reach with higher inbox deliverability

Increase your reach with higher inbox deliverability

We ensure higher inbox reach with consultants and industry experts. Avoid sending blast messages that end up in spam, or worse, taint your domain and brand reputation for good.

Get access to industry benchmarks, tailored reports, best practices, and product features that facilitate this.

Personalize to drive maximum conversion

Go beyond placeholders for first name and city. Use behavioral data to recommend relevant products and save your users from the hassle of searching all over your website or app.

Personalization API allows marketers to send personalized messages from even third-party sources in real time.

personalize to drive maximum conversion
increase your reach with higher inbox deliverability

Provide a seamless user experience across channels

Customers interact with your brand at various touchpoints – mobile, the web, and in person. MoEngage lets you manage them all on one platform.

Create seamless user journeys between email, push notifications, in-app messages, SMS, and ad networks for true omnichannel engagement.

Bring Your Email Marketing In Alignment With Your Omnichannel Campaigns
product blocks

Product Blocks

A super simple way to add
products from your catalog
with a drag-drop interface.



Reach users across regions
in their preferred language
with the same campaign.

multivariate testing

Multivariate Testing

Test out different versions
of campaigns to optimize
for maximum conversion.

file management

File Management

Organize images, gifs, and more
or connect your cloud drive.
We've got stock images too.

template gallery

Template Gallery

Choose from beautiful
out-of-the-box templates
or create your own.

Why Customers Trust MoEngage

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"MoEngage’s critical knowledge and expertise on email marketing have helped us improve not only our email deliverability by 90%, but also increase our conversions by 5%."

anuj ranka, vp performance marketing early salary
Anuj Ranka
VP, Performance Marketing
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"Customer journeys are becoming more dynamic and interconnected in nature. MoEngage Flows helps us seamlessly integrate push notifications, email, and ad technologies to deliver a unique customer experience while delivering an optimal messaging experience to the users."

Holy Theodore
Holy Theodore
Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
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"MoEngage integrates all our Marketing needs in one platform and makes it easy to target the right user, customize the message and integrate a unified strategy across all channels; Email, Push Notification, and In-App"

Mar Mallolas
Marc Mallolas
Head of Marketing &
Business Intelligence,

Recognized By Industry Leaders

recognized industry leaders

Speed up execution and reach more
users with your email campaigns

No Credit Card Required
Open upto 10K MAUs/ Visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is email automation?

    Email Automation is the creation of perfectly timed and relevant personalized emails crafted for individuals when they perform certain actions on your website or app. Marketers use email automation to empower omnichannel strategy for reaching out to target users with new product details, loyalty program information, discounts on services and the likes with an engaging and personalized message.

  • How does email marketing automation work?

    When someone visits your website to get information about your product or reading a blog or to purchase a tool, with an email marketing automation tool, you can ask the visitor to fill a form to get their details like name, location, gender, age, and email address. With an intuitive tool like MoEngage, you can add the visitor to your central database system and index into cohorts of joining/using your website. This way, visitors are segmented as per their behavior and interaction with your company.

    Now the next time you plan your marketing campaign, you can send out emails using MoEngage to a highly-targeted audience who are likely to engage with a higher rate of conversion, thus saving your efforts, time and money for email promotions.

  • What is dynamic content in email marketing?

    When you do email marketing, adding a personalized message is a must to have your audience perform the desired action. This is done with the help of dynamic content. MoEngage segregates users based on the time they interacted with your brand, and user details like age, gender, location, etc. Using this data, MoEngage helps marketers to create a personalized email marketing campaign.

  • What is email personalization?

    Email personalization is a technique of generating customized messages for users after having their personal details to interact with them keeping in mind their preferences and buying patterns. It helps marketers in building a tailored response which in turn improves the user experience of engaging with brands.

  • How do I set up email automation?

    Once you have set your goals on what you want to achieve with the email marketing campaign, you can sign up for the right tool in the market that can help you to implement it with desirable results. MoEngage takes email marketing a step ahead by providing omnichannel marketing to design all your campaigns coherently. You don't have to take help from developers to write code for your emails anymore. With MoEngage's drag and drop feature, you can readily include content blocks, images, and sections from your website in your email and send a personalized message to your segmented audience.

  • What are the most frequent uses for email automation?

    Companies can use email automation for driving email marketing campaigns. This can include;

    • ⦿ Seasonal sale offers.

    • ⦿ Discounts on products.

    • ⦿ New updates about company or product.

    • ⦿ Monthly company newsletter.

    • ⦿ Tying back to social media campaigns.

    • ⦿ Rewards and claiming loyalty points.

    • ⦿ Follow-up email series.

    • ⦿ New customer on-boarding series, etc.

  • What is a drip marketing campaign?

    Drip marketing campaign is a method of sending an automated set of emails based on specific pre-defined user actions, it can be a welcome email when a new user signs up or an email that is sent when the user visits your site often. You can also personalize drip email marketing campaign based on parameters like individuals, companies, location and the likes.

  • How do I create a drip email campaign?

    With MoEngage, you are a few clicks away from creating a highly-personalized and result-driven drip email campaign. The rest happens in the following steps;

    • ⦿ Preparing user segments as per cohort, age, gender and other relevant details to segregate and provide a customized experience

    • ⦿ Drafting the message you want to convey with drag and drop features including CTAs

    • ⦿ Preparing a marketing strategy and scheduling the campaign

    • ⦿ Starting your campaign as per the time that the users will be most active from their past interactions

    • ⦿ Monitoring and analyzing the campaign performance to inculcate changes

  • How do you create an effective email marketing strategy?

    For your email marketing strategy to work, you need a solid tool to carry out the gathering of email IDs, user segmentation, personalization through data analysis of users and then rolling out the emails. MoEngage has everything that can help you put the pieces together to carry out an effective email marketing campaign. It helps you manage your subscriber list followed by drafting the perfect message to entice your users with subsequent A/B testing and Result analysis to know if you hit your email marketing aim.

  • How can I improve my email performance?

    You can improve your email performance with a high level of personalization and clear CTA messages with catchy taglines and images in a customized template that is sent to users based on their preferences.

    Here's what you can do with the help of MoEngage tool to improve your email marketing;

    • ⦿ Segment users

    • ⦿ Use personalized messages

    • ⦿ Use an organic list that improves the conversion rate

    • ⦿ Schedule emails as per time zone and locality

    • ⦿ Give an option to unsubscribe from receiving emails

    • ⦿ Keep the message concise and minimal

  • How often should marketing emails be sent?

    Just bombarding your users with emails frequently will turn them away from your brand. Instead, let them opt for the frequency, and the frequency can be capped using the MoEngage platform. You can set options to notify your users only when it’s important to them, such as announcement on a new product arrival or discount. This ensures that you don't spam your users with lots of unwanted emails.

  • How do I get more leads in email marketing?

    Get more leads with your email marketing campaign by sending out the right message, to the right audience at the time they are most likely to consume the information with the help of MoEngage. This can be done by offering them something that they want with a concise message customized for them. Keeping it minimal and mobile-friendly is the key to getting leads. Make sure you bring them to your landing page where they can engage with your brand in the form of information gathering or purchasing.

  • How do you make an email campaign more effective?

    Optimize the email content and send it to users based on the data of their preferences obtained through MoEngage’s data analytics tool. With MoEngage, you can set the frequency of emails and you get the ready-to-use features to craft a simple message that drives maximum conversion. With testing tools available within MoEngage, you can optimize your email marketing campaigns and implement them effectively to generate leads.

  • What should I look for in email marketing software?

    When you go for purchasing the right kind of email marketing software, look out for these points;

    • ⦿ Integration with CRM to get the key user data metrics

    • ⦿ Mobile-friendly email templates that can be customized

    • ⦿ Response handling

    • ⦿ File management for visuals

    • ⦿ Testing within the software

    • ⦿ Localization and segmentation as per users

    MoEngage has everything embedded within the email marketing tool and you don't have to go for purchasing another software to get user data or perform A/B Testing, just one interface provides all functionalities.

  • What is an email workflow?

    An email workflow is a set of emails that are automatically sent to the users based on the actions that they take when they interact or events that are triggered from your side like sales or offers. This includes Welcome Email when users sign-up on your website and also the emails that you roll out for nurturing leads. The email series continues throughout the buyer's journey and once they purchase, the email workflow can be modified for customer retention and loyalty programs.