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Behavioral SegmentationCreate segments based on user interactions across all touchpoints

User ImportsImport user actions and attributes from other systems for improved segmentation and journey mapping

LocalizationCreate sub segments based on location, language and target them in a single campaign

Predictive SegmentationRFM models to predict user behavior and bucket them into segments such as Loyal, Promising, At Risk etc.


Push NotificationsSend personalized, rich and timely push notifications over web and mobile

Email CampaignsCraft contextual emails that align with the customer journey and their behavior across your mobile app and website.

In-app MessagesShow personalized prompts inside the mobile app to drive conversions

SMS CampaignsDelivery time sensitive text messages as a fall back to other channels like email and push notifications

Web PushEarn customer trust by using website notifications intelligently and at relevant moments throughout their journey. Get higher opt-ins, click through rates, and conversion.

On-site MessagingConvert anonymous visitors into users with personalized pop-ups

App InboxShow notifications within an inbox inside the app

Connectors: Facebook AdsRetarget your users through Facebook and Instagram ads and bring them back to your app or site

Connectors: Google AdsRetarget your inactive or anonymous users through Google Ads and reduce churn

Connectors: WhatsappInclude WhatsApp within your cross-channel campaigns and send timely updates, alerts and offers

Analytics (Add-On)

Behavioral TrendsUnderstand user behavior by analyzing their actions, user attributes and device attributes

Funnel AnalysisGet insights into how users interact with your app through their lifecycle

Retention CohortsUnderstand the characteristics of your loyal and repeat users

User Frequency DistributionAnalyze behavior of one-time users, occasional users and heavy users

Pre-defined DashboardsReady to use dashboard which highlights the most commonly used retention metrics

Custom DashboardsCreate custom reports and group multiple reports into a custom dashboard

Aquisition AnalyticsUnderstand performance by attributing campaigns to number of users acquired and their LTV

Uninstall AnalyticsUnderstand uninstalls across time and user attributes with day-level accuracy

Actionalble AnalyticsEngage users directly from your analytics reports and dashboards, without switching tools

Custom Segment AnalysisCreate custom segments and analyze them for conversion, retention and LTV

Source & Session AnalyticsFind out which sources bring in your users and how long they use your app

Open AnalyticsEasily integrate with Tableau, Qlik, Looker, Redash, and more for a wider range of visualization options


Frequency Capping, DND & ThrottlingAvoid spamming your users. Cap global limits on messages, set do-not-disturb rules and throttle delivery speed

Geo-fencingPersonalized communication based on your user's location

Dynamic Recommendation PlatformUse our APIs to sync your content library to send personalized recommendations

Real-time Device Triggers & Exit Intent Push NotificationsTrigger notifications instantly based on a user interaction, even when the user is not on your app or site


A/B and Multivariate testing

Sherpa: AI-based Time & Content OptimizationMachine learning algorithms that auto-optimizes the message variant and the delivery time for higher conversions

Push Amplification+Proprietary technology from MoEngage to increase push notification delivery rates by up-to 25%


Smart TriggersAutomatically trigger personalized messages based on user interactions

Flows: Cross Channel Journey BuilderCreate cohesive cross-channel campaigns using an easy-to-use journey builder

Dynamic Product MessagingSync your product catalog with MoEngage and send recommendations to your users that are spot-on


Campaign AnalyticsAnalyze reach, open rates, CTRs and conversions of your campaigns

Schedule reportsShare reports with the team on a regular basis - automatically

Partner Ecosystem

Attribution PartnersOut of the box integration with Branch, AppsFlyer and Adjust

Customer Data PlatformOut of the box integration with a Segment, a leading customer data platform

Cloud InfrastructureAmazon Web Services

User Management & Security

Role-based AccessDefine specific roles for dashboard users and control access based on roles

Campaign Approval WorkflowSetup a maker-checker approach to review campaigns before publishing

TeamsCreate multiple teams in the same account, with access control of campaigns managed by different business groups

Single Sign-On and 2FASecure your user data with two-factor authentication and let your teams access MoEngage dashboard with single sign-on


Self-service Knowledge BaseExtensive documentation to support your growth journey

Standard Email Support

Named Account Manager

Email and Push Delivery AdvisoryGet expert guidance from the MoEngage team and improve your domain reputation, email deliverability, and push delivery rates

Consulting services and Quarterly business review

Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs)