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Perfect for small teams looking to scale customer engagement

You’ll have access to

Perfect for small teams looking to scale customer engagement

You’ll have access to

  • Behavioral SegmentationCreate segments based on unified user behavior across all touchpoints

  • Live 360° customer profilesIngest data in real-time from web, app, offline and backend via SDKs and APIs

  • Push NotificationsSend personalized, rich and timely push notifications to user's devices

  • In-app MessagesShow personalized in-app prompts inside the mobile app to drive conversions

  • Email CampaignsIntegrate Email into your omni-channel campaigns

  • SMS CampaignsDelivery time sensitive text messages as a fall back to other channels like email and push notifications

  • Web PushReach users on desktop and mobile - even when they are not on your site

  • On-site MessagingEngage and convert anonymous website visitors with Popups, Lead Capture Forms and Surveys

  • Campaign AnalyticsAnalyze reach, open rates, CTRs, and conversions of your campaigns

  • Frequency Capping, DND & ThrottlingCap global limits on messages for channels, set do not disturb hours and throttle the delivery speed

  • Self-service Knowledge BaseExtensive documentation to support in your growth journey

  • API AccessData and Transactional APIs

  • Email Support


Essential for growing teams refining their engagement strategy

Everything in the Starter Plan +

Essential for growing teams refining their engagement strategy

Everything in the Starter Plan +

  • Event TriggersAutomatically Trigger personalized messages based on user interactions

  • A/B, and Multivariate TestingPerform A/B and multi-variate testing for messaging across channels

  • Geo-fencingUse geofences to trigger communication based on a customer's location and context

  • Dynamic Recommendation PlatformUse your APIs or 3rd party APIs to send personalized recommendations

  • Flows: Cross-channel Journey BuilderCreate and optimize cohesive omni-channel campaigns using a easy-to-use visual customer journey builder

  • Sherpa: AI-based Time, and Content OptimizationUse machine learning to automatically optimize time & content for higher conversions

  • Push Amplification+Use proprietory push delivery technology from MoEngage to amplify delivery rates by upto 25%

  • User ImportsImport user actions, attributes, and behaviours from other systems, and segments

  • Single Sign-on & 2FAGoogle, Okta, One Login, any SAML 2.0 compliant provider based login and additional security with 2-factor authentication

  • LocalizationCreate sub segments based on location, language and target them in a single campaign

  • ConnectorsConnect, and export data to platforms such as Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, and more. Trigger ads, and messages to make these channels a seamless part of your omni-channel strategy

  • Facebook AudiencesSync audiences to your Facebook Ad campaigns for retargeting

  • Named Account Manager

  • Email, and Push Delivery AdvisoryGet expert guidance from the MoEngage team, and improve your domain reputation, email deliverability, and push delivery rates


Ideal for large teams collaborating on customer experience

Everything in the Growth Plan +

Ideal for large teams collaborating on customer experience

Everything in the Growth Plan +

  • TeamsAbility to add multiple teams in the same account with access controls at a team level

  • Campaign Approval FlowSetup a Maker-Checker approach to control / review the campaigns before publishing

  • IP Whitelisting & Local Data CentersAdditional Enterprise grade security & Compliance

  • Dynamic Product MessagingSync your product catalog with MoEngage, and send recommendations to your users that are spot-on

  • Real-time Device Triggers & Exit Intent Push NotificationsTrigger instant notifications instantly on a customer interaction, even when the user is offline

  • Global Control GroupsTurn off all communications to a random userbase or a select list of users and measure uplift

  • Flow Path OptimizationAutomically drive larger share of audience to better performing flow branch either based on engagement or conversions or both

  • Best Time to SendProvides a prescriptive time slot to send a campaign to the user to increase the chance of interaction

  • Most Preferred ChannelIntelligent selection of communication channel that has higher likelihood to provide user engagement from each user

  • Consulting Services, and Quarterly Business Reviews

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Available Add-Ons

Advanced Analytics

Use Insights to build better engagement campaigns. View conversion funnels, analyze cohorts, identify behavioral trends, inspect user paths, and setup custom dashboards. Identify the drop-off points of different user segments and set up cross-channel campaigns in a few clicks, without having to switch between multiple tools.


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Frequently asked questions

What are MTUs?

MTU or “Monthly Tracked User” is equivalent to each unique end-user profile that performs at least one session (or) a defined event in a single calendar month. We count a user only once per month, even if they do multiple events in a given month. Events generated by MoEngage (Campaign interactions such as notification received, email sent, uninstall events, and user attribute updates) do not count towards your MTU calculation.

What if I cross the 10,000 MTUs on the FREE plan?

Once you cross 10K MTUs, a Growth Consultant from MoEngage will get in touch with you to discuss an upgrade.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a minimum commitment of 1 year for our Growth and Enterprise plan customers. The terms, and conditions mutually agreed upon in the contract will apply if you wish to cancel the contract mid-term.

Is my user data or customer data safe?

To comply with the privacy regulations, you’ll have complete control, and can choose the data you choose to include on our platform. We are compliant with privacy laws such as the EU-US Privacy Shields, and GDPR. Learn more about our security.

Can I purchase features as Add-ons?

Absolutely, please get in touch with our team if you want to add / drop features from our plans. We are happy to build a custom quote for you.

Are Add-ons available with the Free plan?

We currently provide access to Add-ons only in Growth and Enterprise plans.

Do I need to buy the license for an Email Infrastructure Provider separately?

No, we offer a full stack service through a deeper integration with a leading email service provider.

Where are your data centers located?

We currently rely on AWS for our infrastructure needs. We have separate data centers in EU, North America, and India to serve our customers in the respective regions. AWS being one of the world’s most secure cloud-based storage services, we ensure your data is completely secure. AWS provides comprehensive security, and compliance capabilities that meet even the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Are there additional charges for Customer Data uploads?

There are no additional charges for adding or updating customer attributes.

Do you offer integrations with other tools?

Yes, we offer integrations with various tools present within your tech stack. Please visit our Technology Partners page to see the partners we support.