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Storyly is the user engagement platform to embed Stories. Storyly empowers the marketing strategies of mobile brands by enabling them to engage with their audience beyond the limits of the mobile screen and create engaging experiences without any development efforts after integration.

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The MoEngage and Storyly integration enables mobile brands to enhance their user engagement strategies by leveraging Storyly’s interactive Stories. With this integration, brands can create engaging experiences without requiring any development efforts after integration. The integration offers two key features:

  • Storyly’s Create Audiences can be used to send Storyly audiences to MoEngage, which can be used for further engagement campaigns.
  • MoEngage’s Custom destinations can be used to send MoEngage segments to Storyly, enabling more personalized and targeted story experiences for users.

For example, a mobile brand can use Storyly to showcase its products in a story format and use the integration to send audiences who interacted with the stories to MoEngage for further engagement campaigns. Alternatively, MoEngage can use the integration to send personalized segments to Storyly, enabling more targeted and relevant story experiences for users.

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