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How HoppyGo Achieved a 69% Conversion Rate With Multi-Channel Engagement

HoppyGo realised the need to implement a cross-device, multi-channel engagement strategy built up of insights-led, data-driven campaigns in order to increase conversions.

About HoppyGo

HoppyGo is a peer-to-peer car-sharing service backed by Škoda X that connects car owners who don’t use their vehicles daily with people who only need a car occasionally.


Products Used
Customer Journey Orchestration
In-app Messaging
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One word to describe MoEngage is ‘magic’. And their support is great. Compared to other tools, they are fast, efficient, and always solve our problems. Our CSM, in particular, is really supportive and helpful.

Katka Dobešová
User Activation & Email Marketing Specialist, HoppyGo by Škoda
conversion rate for in-app campaigns driving users to the booking page
conversion rate with push campaign driving users to use a coupon code
Business Goal

The brand wanted to improve customer communication while remaining GDPR compliant. They also aimed to increase communication frequency and efficiency with automation and implement cross-device engagement. In addition to this, HoppyGo also hoped to get insights into customer behaviours to deploy data-driven campaigns.

MoEngage Solution

MoEngage helped HoppyGo send personalised messages to targeted customers via in-app, push, and email for booking, regulatory updates, and coupon codes. In addition, with MoEngage, they also leveraged customer journey flows to automatically send follow-up emails to these customers, enhancing their chances of marketing success.

The Impact
  • 54% open rate on email thanking customers
  • 69% conversion rate for in-app campaigns driving customers to the booking page
  • 31% conversion rate with push campaign driving customers to use a coupon code


Discover how HoppyGo, powered seamless multi-channel engagement experiences with MoEngage.

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