MoEngage Announces New Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand Region

  • UPDATED: 19 July 2023
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Hear from Michael Ricciardone, MoEngage’s Country Manager in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), about how he envisions driving the next phase of MoEngage’s growth in the ANZ region and support consumer brands to delight their customers.

Journey to the World of Insights-Led Engagement

I started my career in a commercial sales role for a leading news publishing company in Australia. Over time, I moved from the media industry to the ad-tech industry. I joined a Silicon Valley-based ad-tech company that was beginning their own ANZ journey and I was later involved in the launch of their self-serve platform.

Much of my role involved educating marketers on the value of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in advertising and how real-time customer insights improve marketing ROI.

My exposure to marketers’ challenges and the need for easy-to-use & collaborative platforms had me looking for a new challenge away from media and advertising. Brands I worked with allocated large budgets to acquiring new customers, but strategies for retaining those customers were very disjointed. This is a specific problem MoEngage solves for, so I chose MoEngage as my next adventure.

MoEngage, a global best-in-class customer engagement platform, was expanding its presence in the ANZ region. Very quickly, I learned that MoEngage is much more than customer engagement. The platform allows entrepreneurs, marketers, and product owners to turn data into actionable insights. This, in turn, helps them create contextual and personalized experiences for consumers through channels like emails and push notifications, resulting in higher conversion rates and ROI. 

Helping ANZ Consumer Brands Be Future Ready 

In contrast to other global markets, ANZ consumers are predominately web or mobile-web users. They also love to shop in-store, 73% of consumers prefer to shop in-store. Email is a dominant channel and in most cases, cross-channel campaigns are set up using several tools.

In saying that, organizations have largely outgrown traditional email service providers (ESPs), where the demand for consolidated, data-driven personalization and user-centric strategies is increasing.

This is where MoEngage is evolving the space: moving from campaign-centric tools to customer-centric solutions. MoEngage, which consolidates data from multiple systems and centralizes it, makes it easier to build a holistic 360° view of the customer and then deliver the right message, at the right time, on the right channel.

Be Customer Obsessed, Delight our Current and Future Customers

By entering the ANZ region, we aim to help consumer brands drive meaningful, relevant, and personalized engagement based on customer insights. Having an insights-led approach has proven to help consumer brands improve month-on-month user retention by 24%, increase weekly active users by 80%, boost funnel conversion by 10-12% among other benefits. 

In fact, according to our recent reports, almost 40% of marketers in the region believe that measuring customer, campaign, and journey insights will have a significantly positive impact on their overall business growth and ROI. We hope to recreate the success we’ve had with established brands, the likes of Jimmy Brings, MyDeal, Nova Entertainment, and others.

We look forward to building a community for our existing and new customers along with our incredible technology partners. These partners will play an important role in our expansion journey and add immense value to our customers’ marketing technology investment.