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Sweatcoin Observes a 15% Uptick in Customer Retention Using MoEngage Advanced Analytics

Sweatcoin was already growing at phenomenal rate in 2022, they knew they were able to acquire customers at scale, their goal now was to retain customers at scale, this is where MoEngage's Analytics came in.

Products Used
MoEngage Analytics
Push Notification
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The best thing about MoEngage is its Analytics suite; it is intuitive and provides insightful data. The MoEngage team has been super helpful during the integration process and, even after, they’ve helped us streamline our processes. MoEngage is a customer engagement platform that delivers fast results for niche business use cases.

Rowan Pereira
Group Product Manager
Average conversion on influencer campaigns via push notifications
Uptick in customer retention
Business Need

Sweatcoin saw phenomenal growth in sign-ups; their next step was to deepen their engagement and retention at scale. The brand observed that it did not tailor its overall customer engagement strategy to customers’ preferences and affinities. The main reason is that the brand manually sets up all customer engagement campaigns (from writing messages to building workflows).

MoEngage Solution

The Sweatcoin marketing team onboarded MoEngage to understand their customers on a deeper level and automate all manual customer engagement processes. MoEngage’s Advanced Analytics helped them get detailed, actionable insights on customer behaviour and campaign performance. The platform also boosts productivity by eliminating manual work across multiple teams.

The Result
  • 28% average conversion on influencer campaigns via push notifications
  • 15% uptick in customer retention

Learn how MoEngage helped Sweatcoin achieve a 15% uplift in retention