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Behavioral Trends

Know how users are engaging with your app and track your KPIs. Use these insights to create highly targeted engagement campaigns.

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View your conversion funnels and identify the precise stages where most users drop off. Create campaigns to target those exact users.

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Group your users by their sign-up date and track retention over time. Create onboarding flows to reduce churn when it’s most likely to happen.

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Open Analytics

Collect and manage all your data at one centralized location. Integrate with tools like Tableau and Google Data Studio for easy visualization.

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Custom Dashboards

Get a bird’s eye view of your team’s performance and track campaign results on a single dashboard. Customize it to stay on top of KPIs.

Why Do You Need Integrated Analytics?

  • View Buyer’s Journey

  • Track KPIs

  • Compare Campaign Performances

  • Identify Champion Buyers

  • Measure App Stickiness

  • Integrate Visualization Tools

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Make your customer engagement more data-driven.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is customer/user engagement analytics?

    Customer or User Engagement Analytics is the measure of the interactions of your users with your products. As a business, it is imperative for you to know and understand the way users interact with your services and products, how your current marketing efforts are shaping the way your target users notice your brand and if your campaigns are working as projected and you meet desired KPIs.

  • What are the benefits of engagement analytics?

    With engagement analytics, you get to know your customer behavior and the pattern of their interactions with your products in real-time. This helps you to drive your campaigns in the right direction with the right message on the channels that your user engages the most. MoEngage provides Actionable Analytics that not only helps you to track your user behavior knowing their buyer's journey and whether they are converting or not but also integrates with your marketing automation tools to help your teams work hand-in-hand with data-driven results to reach your sales goals.

  • How does analytics help with marketing and growth?

    When you have separate tools for marketing automation and analytics, your teams have to keep switching between interfaces to get their work done. With MoEngage, you can analyze your buyer's journey and the performance of your campaigns in the same window thus making it effective. Using customer behavior patterns and sales funnel analysis, you can design your campaigns the way your target audience consumes your products, keeping highly-personalized messages as per user segmentation. This, in turn, ensures the success of your products and marketing efforts.

  • What capabilities should you look for in a user analytics platform?

    The user analytics platform that you plan on getting on board must have certain features;

    • ⦿ It should provide you data regarding users to carry out segmentation based on preferences and their affinity with your products.

    • ⦿ The tool should help you identify users who are not able to engage effectively so that your marketing campaigns can be targeted for that segment.

    • ⦿ You should be able to get data visuals to slice and perform analysis and get your work done for particular segments through marketing automation tools.

    MoEngage has a comprehensive platter of features and capabilities that will help you drive sales through customer engagement analytics and the subsequent action from your end.

  • How does customer analytics work?

    Once you know the source where you get the majority of your customers, their preferences and their interactions with your brand, you can integrate this data with your current marketing goals to get a high margin on ROI through targeted campaigns and leads that convert. With real-time data on user engagement, you get to know what's working best for your users and how often they are coming back to use your services. This helps in designing your future builds and products addressing their pain points to give them what they want, thus retaining users. MoEngage goes a step ahead and integrates with your data visualization tool to provide a seamless experience of tracking users and campaigns, and performing actions using the data.

  • What questions can a customer analytics answer?

    With MoEngage Actionable Analytics, you get the answers to the following questions about your users;

    • ⦿ Who are your users? - their age, gender, and region.

    • ⦿ How did they come to know about you? - the channel of interaction with your brand.

    • ⦿ What do they do when they visit your website or app? - their actions on your platform.

    • ⦿ Which type of content they are interested in? - Blogs, Videos, or features on apps.

    • ⦿ Where are they in the buying funnel?

    • ⦿ What led to the conversion from visitors to a customer?

    • ⦿ How often are they visiting?

    • ⦿ Where are they in the buying funnel?

  • What customer engagement metrics should you measure in your app?

    When you have an app, there are certain numbers that you should be tracking. MoEngage customer engagement metrics help you to keep a check on the following;

    • ⦿ Number of App Downloads

    • ⦿ Total number of users

    • ⦿ Number of New users (Monthly/Quarterly or Yearly)

    • ⦿ Active users in a timeframe

    • ⦿ User Session Time

    • ⦿ User Conversion Rate

    • ⦿ User Retention Rate

    • ⦿ Lifetime Value

  • What are the common analytics mistakes marketers and product managers make?

    Analytics depends on data and when there is wrong data on hand, the insights you get are a garbage value. The most commonly occurring mistakes are getting the wrong dataset for analyzing. This also includes building campaigns targeting user segments that don't convert to potential leads due to their journey in the sales funnel. This is the result of insufficient research and data of users and their preferences.

  • What are some analytics tips and best practices?

    Analytics tips and best practices;

    • ⦿ Use customer data to segment your audience

    • ⦿ Target marketing campaigns based on segmented users

    • ⦿ Generate regular reports to get the performance of campaigns and marketing channels

    • ⦿ Analyze the buyer in the sales funnel and generate campaigns targeting them for conversion

    • ⦿ Measure Conversions against your KPIs

    • ⦿ Timely check of Analytics Dashboard to gauge the performance of Employees, User behavior and your marketing campaigns

    MoEngage analytics gives an added advantage, your sales and marketing teams no longer have to switch between platforms for data visualization and campaign metrics, as it is integrated therein.

  • What are some of the quick wins marketers and product managers can get from analytics?

    Marketers and Product Managers can leverage analytics to gain insights on customer behavior and their buying patterns to optimize marketing campaigns and design product features such that they get maximum traction. Get leads that convert by rolling out campaigns that are targeted at specific user segments. MoEngage helps get all the crucial data metrics related to customers and campaigns in a dashboard that can be easily tracked and analyzed.