Understand Customer Conversion with
Marketing Funnel Analysis

Find and plug holes in your conversion funnel from one screen.
Eliminate guesswork and perpetual tool-switching.

Find the leaks in your conversion funnel

Detect holes in funnels at a granular level with data backed marketing funnel analysis. Use these insights by removing the guesswork while ideating customer engagement strategy. Leverage funnel analysis insights to keep closing the leaks in the user journey and optimize for better funnel conversions.

Act on insights without switching tabs or tools

Start executing hyper-targeted campaigns seamlessly through the same screen with integrated segmentation and campaign management capabilities. Make funnel enhancements and act upon the critical insights without spending time and resources switching between tools.

Understand preferred user paths

Analyze funnel performance by detecting how fast or slow users convert on different user paths. See how many users have accomplished a desired action within a particular time window. Understand what facilitates the buyer journey in preferred user paths and replicate to improve conversions.

Split funnels for easy comparison

Easily compare the conversion rate over time (WoW, MoM, or QoQ) by selecting custom time frames. Dig deeper by filtering based on niche user attributes such as cities, age, gender and demographics. Develop a robust understanding of funnel performance across devices and user stages.

Unravel customer conversions with Funnel Analysis

Make your marketing more data-driven and reduce the time taken to go from insight to action.