Consolidate all your data with Open Analytics

Eliminate data silos and infrastructure management
hassles with easily accessible Open Analytics.

Maintain all your data at one place

View, access, and manage data from multiple channels at one place with open analytics. Stay on top of the latest data with minimum to no delay in consolidating information from different channels as well as departments for web and mobile applications.

Integrate with data visualization tools

Easily integrate with popular data visualization tools for better understanding and more intuitive data insights. In addition to the native reports available in MoEngage, plug-in tools like Tableau, Google Data Studio, Qlik, Looker, Redash to get a wider range of visualization options.

Collaborate seamlessly across teams

Keep all team members from multiple teams on the same page with multiple integration options and cross-functional adaptability. Work in tandem with data scientists, product managers, campaign managers, and others with an easily accessible centralized information system.

Cut infrastructure management costs

Save the cost, time and other resources required to manage the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipeline with our Open Analytics platform. Leave the hassle of maintaining and updating servers to us and access your customer and campaign data in a clean schema.

Make data work for you with Open Analytics

Break free from infrastructure management hassles and focus your efforts on things that matter.