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The marketing automation tool used by

Europe’s largest telecommunication company

Track user events, identify opportunities


Integrate with app

Integrate our SDK into your app. Available for iOS, Android, Web, Windows Silverlight & more.


Track user events

Get detailed insights about user activities within you app.


Stay on top of key metrics

Get a bird’s eye of your engagement campaign performance.

Identify users with powerful segmentation


Segment users just the way you want. Initiate conversation,
reduce churn and do much more with our powerful analytics tools.


Use Offline Data from the CRM to create segments and combine with MoEngage data


Engage users who haven't taken action on your campaigns.


Target users with acquisition source, uninstall data and more.

Engage users with AI across their preferred channels


Create a journey

Engage with a conversation. Onboard the new, upsell to active users or reengage lost ones.


Use AI for best results

Take out the guesswork, let the power of machine learning optimise for you.


Engage with relevant recommendations

Personalize the messaging with the products users might be interested in.

Reach on preferred channels

Start a conversation on user’s preferred channel. We support all of them.



A few more benefits our platform offers.

Geofence Targeting

Trigger notifications based on user's current location.

Push Amplification

Improve your push delivery by up to 20%.

Campaign Analytics

Understand the revenue centric results from the campaigns and improve.


Localize the communication based on language, location seamlessly.

Drag-and-drop Email Builder

Create beautiful, rich and responsive email templates easily through drag-and-drop builder.

Content API based Personalization

Embed dynamic recommendations from your own / external APIs into Messaging

Support and Success

Big or small, we are committed to your success

Customer Success

Help and Support

Our support team is here to help you and your team get up and running with MoEngage and to answer questions and troubleshoot.

MoEngage Guides contain step-by-step instructions on how to use all the features to its potential.

Customer Success

Our dedicated Customer Success representatives are here to help onboard larger teams and Enterprise organizations.

No credit card required.
Open upto 10K MAUs/ Visitors.

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